Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Google designs new self-driving vehicles


Google has actually been tweaking its self-driving vehicle project for years , but now it's taking yet another significant step . Later this summer it will start testing and tracking prototype automobiles it's designed from the ground up , as opposed to simply retrofitting existing vehicles . Proclaimed this evening the the Code Conference , the brand new prototypes aren't pre-loaded with a steering wheel , mirrors , pedals or other vestiges of automobiles gone by , and for now are limited to a maximum speed of 25MPH . As described in an early preview to Re/code , the car is operated entirely by computer , with back-up automatic systems for brakes and steering that could take over in case of a failure of the most important setup . So far , Google states it's not planning to sell the vehicles by itself , but is looking for "friends and also partners to bring them to market place . Following rumors from late last year , the automatic cars could partner with a "friend" just like Uber for a delivery service that runs on autopilot . Take a closer look at test drives and demo videos explaining how the cars work after the break . 

The prototypes demonstrated have a rounded , cartoonish physical appearance , and Google states they're built with foam and flexible windshields that help reduce the chance for personal injury if they do crash with anything . Before they hit the road entirely sans-drive though , Google will need to address regulations requiring a test driver inside . It requires new legislation will allow for the fully-automated vehicles soon , which we guess is bound to be better than the texting , eating or napping drivers we currently share our commutes with

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