Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Future-army- Halo helmets

It's difficult to look at the US Army's most recent helmet and not think of Halo , but the design does indeed serve an objective beyond gaming chic . The latest "soldier of the future" concept will not only only protect grunts in high temperature and humidity , but additionally shield them from chemical substance and biological agents . While a lotbulkier tech presently exists for that , this kind of a model would use a fan inbuilt directly into the filtration system to suck air flow from the side of the mask and blast it across the nostril . Tests done on an M50 gas mask modified with the tech demonstrated it to be just as highly effective as with larger units , but much more comfortable for GI'sthrough intense drills . The design is simply a render for now , but if the army is going to look to video games for style and design inspiration , we think they should go even bigger .

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