Wednesday, 7 May 2014

DICE To Launch Community Test Environment For Battlefield 4

DICE To Launch Community Test Environment For Battlefield 4

When Battlefield 4 was released , the game was put into operation with many bugs inside of it which had EA’s VP accept that they should have tested the video game significantly better . In fact there have been so many bugs that there were legal proceedings submitted against EA , proclaiming that EA’s vote of confidence in the game was to boost their shares , even though they knew how buggy the game was at release . 

Well it appears like all that backlash has payed off as it seems that EA and DICE are taking these reports very sincerely , and are reportedly trying to launch a Community Test Environment which will basically have gamers provide them with direct suggestions in a beta platform of the game . What this means is that the developers will be able to adjust the changes and fixes better before pushing it out . 

In such a way it’s kind of like the Public Test Realms we’ve observed in Blizzard’s games , where adjustments and improvements are certified on an independent server by gamers , who will provide you with observations , before the changes are pushed out to the main game itself . The Community Test Environment will be similar and will require gamers to download an independent game client and get a separate Battlelog that’s different from the retail game . 
The Community Test Environment is anticipated to be launched on the 8th of May and is it appears that only accessible for Battlefield 4 Premium members only on the PC . It is unclear if this feature will be extended to console gamers , but we guess we’ll just have to wait and watch .


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