Sunday, 25 May 2014

Cowon EH2 review

It was a sticky April evening after I put on the Cowon EH2 to listen to their sound for the first time. I had detected Arcade Fire’s Reflektor various times over the past few months, however it still felt like i used to be hearing it for the first time. the instant the song hit my eardrums now, it gave the impression to turned from dusky twilight to as bright because the break of dawn. It had started off well, however i used to be wanting to see if the EH2 will keep it up throughout my usage.

Design and options
The EH2 appearance a bit like the other IEM within the market, that is to mention, it won’t stand out from the gang initially look, however its build quality is outstanding.

You can throw the EH2 in your bag, dump it in with alternative loose cables and just about step it such as you would any low cost pair. They handle bright, tangling very rarely, and even then coming back undone simply. There’s ne'er a sense that the wire can snap, if you apply an excessive amount of pressure once obtaining them out.

The package itself is huge, and options the EH2, a jewelry to stay them secure around your neck, a carry pouch and a brush to scrub out the dirt filter. There’s additionally a half dozen.3mm adapter if you wish to attach the EH2 to associate amp or knowledgeable setup.

The highlight of the EH2 is after all is that the dual-driver setup. It uses a Dynamic Driver likewise as a Balanced coil Driver for optimum fidelity. The rated power is 3mW, whereas the utmost power is 100mW. you furthermore may get a reasonably wide frequency vary of 20Hz to 22KHz, beside a 105dB sensitivity rating.

Performance and audio quality
Over ensuing week about when my initial time with the EH2, I practised identical bright sound nearly on every occasion I used them. Twangy Spanish guitars within the Buena Vista Social Club audio recording were piped through even as clearly and crisp as any reverb-laden percussion-heavy MIA track. I ne'er came upon any style of sound that the EH2 didn’t reproduce even as it had been supposed to, not a song that didn’t sound higher with the Cowon EH2 than through my stock try.

Price in india and finding of fact
At associate MRP of Rs 15,000, the EH2 positively features a tag matching its stellar audio chops. It’s dear, however entirely well worth the premium, because of the good build quality, the well-endowed retail package and at last, however most significantly, the fully stunning performance for all usage situations. you'll be able to notice the EH2 within the marketplace for around Rs fourteen,000, that still puts it well earlier than alternative twin driver competition like the Sony XBA-H1, that is offered for 0.5 the worth, however it additionally doesn’t have identical build quality, from the appearance of it.

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