Friday, 9 May 2014

Brand new ‘Sunset Overdrive’ Gameplay Trailer and Details Burst Into Existence

Sunset Overdrive , certainly one of Xbox One’s greatest exclusive titles , has finally emerge out from the shadows . ever since the announcement at last year’s E3 , there’s been hardly any information about the game . That all changed today with the announcement of new particulars and screenshots , and even a new gameplay trailer . 

Produced by Insomniac Games and exclusive to the Xbox One platform , Sunset Overdrive is going to take place in a near post-apocalyptic future where an energy beverage has turned almost all of the city’s human population into mutants . It’s a departure from most post-apocalyptic options with its bight color palette and wacky art directions . The gameplay is composed of of grinding , jumping , wall running and zip-lining on your path through the city while exploding mutants with a nonsensical array of weapons and powers . These integrate fees like teddy-bear bomb launchers and bowling ball guns . Words just don’t do it justice however ! Check out the trailer below to get a real feel for the game . 

Microsoft has also revealed “Day One” edition with exclusive bonus content for individuals who pre-order the game . This edition includes the following : 

“Nothin’ but the Hits” gun : An overcharged version of the Higher Fidelity gun that releases limited edition , priceless , multi-colored vinyls that do increased destruction . 
“It’s Me ! Fizzie !” outfit : Fizzie is more popular than you because he has a great marketing budget . So , why not dress up as him and get in on some of that fame ? 

“Hardcore ! Hammer” : You ponder buying the Day One Edition of “Sunset Overdrive .” A spot check reveals that if you do , you can equip a mighty hammer made from a bat and spiked dumb-bells . You buy the Day One Edition of “Sunset Overdrive .


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