Thursday, 8 May 2014

Brand new LawnBott robo-mower with smarter app

Brand new LawnBott robo-mower becomes smarter with an app 

Many people will walk away when they discover the LawnBott LB85EL will cost around $2 ,799 . If you decide you don't invest your time in mowing , that upfront expenditure is huge when compared with the amount that you'll pay a human to mow for you ( particularly if that person happens to be your financially dependent offspring ) . 

And yet . Similar to the Roomba , there's some-thing transfixing regarding the little LawnBott and the method it bops around your yard .The LawnBott quiet and unobtrusive . The sculpted , cherry red cover has a Ferrari-style flair ( Kyodo America only distributes LawnBott in the US , but the originating company is Italian firm Zucchetti Centro Sistemi ) . The fact that this new model gives you control via iOS or Andriod app rather than a clunky built in LED display screen makes programming LawnBott that much more convenient . 

The move to app-based controls and scheduling in the brand new LB85EL is perhaps awesome only because it happened this time in a robot lawn lawn mower before it came to a robot vacuum , by far the most popular kind of home routine maintenance bot . New capabilities beyond the app consist of three rows of the the cog-style wheels ( up from two rows ) , which reduce slipping and let the LawnBott maintain grip on inclines up to 25 degrees . You can also hand over the new LawnBott to cover up to four completely different zones in your yard , in comparison with three zones from last year's LB75DX . 

LawnBott says the LB85EL will work for about 3 hours before it instantly heads back to the docking station to recharge . It can cut to heights ranging from 0 .75 inches to 2 .8 inches , thanks to a 12-inch disposable cutting blade . A rain sensor will tell it to head for the charging station , where its water-resistant design and style will protect its electronic components from wetness damage . 

Buying any automatic robot mower is still additionally involved than its robot vacuum cleaner counterpart . Similar to an electric dog fence , you require to hide a guidance wire around the perimeter of the area you want them to mow . And while the LB85EL is rated for lawns up to 24 ,000 square feet ( 2 ,230 square meters , or just over half an acre ) , due to its 6 .9 Ah Li-Ion battery , the LawnBott will take multiple runs , over multiple days for the bot to finish a yard that big once you account for the three-hour recharging time . 

Thankfully , the LawnBott is really quiet that you could run it at night without expecting guff from your neighborhood friends . That multi-day planning also assists to clarify the benefit of the app-based user interface . You can now personalize the schedule on your phone instead of having to run outside to the device itself to tell it to skip a day . 

You can purchase additional units from LawnBott or elsewhere to handle bigger yards , but prices escalate instantly . The LawnBott LB300EL , rated to 64 ,000 square feet or about 1 .5 acres , goes for around $5 ,200 . At $2 ,800 to cover half an acre , the LB85EL sits at the top of the price scale as the other robomowers with similar range for sale in the US , namely the similarly app-enabled Friendly Robotics Robomow RS 622 ( $1 ,700 ) and the Husqvarna Automower 230 ACX ( $2 ,700 ) .

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