Monday, 5 May 2014

Apple to bring smart ear pods

Forget smartwatches, Apple may bring smart ear pods with iPhone 6

Despite the fact that the smart watch competition might be on for many folks companies , Apple is rumored to stay in a race of its own . Although iWatch strategies are not off the table , Apple has something different in the mind . 

Even though it may seem totally pointless , the first reference Apple seems to have something going on was basically on the app Blueprint where users can anonymously share , well , secrets . One subscriber claimed that Apple is working on smart EarPods that can monitor heart rate and blood pressure . It will also be equipped with iBeacon so users can find their EarPods around the house quickly and easily . 

Is there any truth to this ? Well , a 2007 Apple patent filed to the U .S . Patent & Trademark Office reveals the claim of having electronic devices or accessories clipped to the ear or patch attached to the skin with embed physiological sensors to track a user's movement . 

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