Friday, 16 May 2014

Aerofex's hoverbike

Aerofex's hoverbike produced a pretty big splash while the Californian company demonstrated off its working prototype all the way back in 2012 , however it went eerily quiet . Now , Aerofex has finally disclosed a launch date and cost : it'll cost $85 ,000 and ship in 2017 , in accordance with its website .

"Where you're heading , you will find no roads ," the company writes . "That's the reason why you need the Aero-X , an automobile that makes low-altitude airline flight practical and inexpensive . Flying up to 3 metres ( 10 feet ) off the ground at 45mph ( 72kph ) , the Aero-X is different than any vehicle you've seen . It's a hovercraft that rides like a motorbike -- an off road automobile that gets you off the ground ."

The Aero-X in its existing form is capable of carrying a load of up to 140kg ( 310 lbs ) , with seating for 2 , and can run for 1 hour 15 minutes on a full tank of petroleum , so it's not going to be an alternative for your own everyday automobile , even though it consumes the same area profile as a compact car .

Its 2 wheels are ducted rotors with carbon fibre cutting blades , which operate in much the same way to the open rotor of a helicopter , with much tighter control . In the last 2 yrs , the company has been focusing on improving the vehicle's stability and coupling -- a phenomenon where rotor vehicles may pitch directly towards the rotors' spin . It has filed several patents for its remedies .

Aerofex also looked in the direction of quadcopters to resolve the problem of wind , utilizing gyroscopes and accelerometers conversing with an on-board computer to compensate for windy conditions .

User-friendliness has figured a great deal in the design , with handlebar adjustments for intuitive steering and safety functions that keep the driver from traveling too high or too quick -- both of which would probably drain its fuel more quickly anyway . This also helps it comply with the US Federal Aviation Administration's guidelines , which require a pilot's license for anyone operating a vehicle above an altitude of 3 .7 metres ( 12 .1 feet ) .

And yes , it will fly over water as well .

If you have that $85 ,000 to lose , you can even reserve yours right now , for a refundable deposit of $5 ,000 . Head on over to the Aerofex website for more information .


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