Monday, 7 April 2014

United States Navy turns seawater into fuel

Washington: The navy believes it's finally discovered the answer to a problem that has intrigued scientists for many years — a way to take saltwater and use it as fuel. the development of a liquid hydrocarbon fuel is being hailed as “a game-changer” as a result of it might significantly shorten the supply chain, a weak link that produces any force easier to attack.

The U.S.A. has a fleet of 15 military oil tankers and only craft carriers and some submarines are equipped with nuclear propulsion. All alternative vessels should frequently abandon their mission for some hours to navigate in parallel with the tanker, a delicate operation, especially in weather.
“We are in very difficult times and  we have to think about innovative ways to produce energy,We got to challenge the results of the assumptions that are the results of the last six decades of constant access to low cost, unlimited amounts of fuel,

US experts have acknowledged a way to extract carbonic acid gas and hydrogen gas from saltwater.

That means rather than looking forward to tankers, ships are able to manufacture fuel at sea. the anticipated value of jet fuel using the technology is within the vary of 3 to 6 dollars per gallon, say consultants at the U.S.A. armed service laboratory.


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