Thursday, 3 April 2014

Swarovski adapter offers iPhone camera mega magnification

The maker of binoculars and recognizing scopes incorporates a $145 adapter that turns your fancy smartphone into a camera with a super tele photo lens.

Let's say you are a bird watcher who's jealous of all those amazing bird photos folks take, however you do not need to render thousands of dollars for an upscale SLR with an enormous optical lens.

Now there is a new option: use your mobile phone hooked up to a recognizing scope or the lens system of your binoculars. that is the approach Swarovski Optik, a maker of binoculars and bird-spotting scopes, has dotty a brand new adapter known as the PA-i5 for the iPhone 5 and 5S.

It's not attending to produce results pretty much as good as, say, an SLR attached to an 800mm supertelephoto lens, a minimum of decision making by the LensRentals' Roger Cicala's 2012 take a look at of an SLR with a distinct Swarovski adapter. He placed a part of the blame on spotting-scope optics that area unit double-geared for the a curving human membrane instead of a flat image detector during a camera.

But it's going to possible get you plenty of the approach there for plenty less money: the PA-i5 adapter prices £113 within the UK and $145 within the US. Binoculars and iPhones are sold seprately.

Swarovski guarantees it's going to be smart. during a statement, the company said, "Swarovski Optik binoculars and telescopes provide outstanding optical performance, and though they need been designed to be utilized by people looking through the zoom ocular, we are assured as a result of varied tests that the smartphone lens works utterly with our lense and delivers exceptional image quality."

To use it, a client should detach the ocular and mount the adapter in its part. Then the iPhone attaches to that victimisation an enclosing bracket. it's going to not get you into National Geographic wildlife documentary, however it can be adequate to assist with identification, sharing, and memories.

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