Thursday, 24 April 2014

Sony’s Background Defocus App For Xperia Smartphones is Avaliable on the Google Play Store

Sony has announced the release of ‘Background defocus’, an app which will let its smartphone users capture pictures with a bokeh effects. The app can therefore help users click professional-like photos. The ‘Background defocus’ app is essentially an imaging tool that alters the depth of field by blurring the background of a picture. 2 pictures with fully totally different focus settings may be incorporated to make an image with an object with sharp focus against a blurred or defocused background.

In order to use this imaging app proud owners of an Xperia smartphone have to launch the camera then choose the camera mode as Background defocus. following step is to pick out the item that has to be within the foreground or focused upon. tap the camera button to click image. Once the intended image is captured applicable blur levels and blur impact may be chosen to urge the required image.

According to Sony, the most effective results may be achieved by specializing in an object that's anyplace between 15 to 45cm (0.5-1.5 feet) far from the snapper. additionally the background image should be 5 metres off from the item of focus. Results can vary depending upon the specifications of the device and therefore the camera it's equipped with.

Currently the version one.2.6 of the 7.1MB app is accessible and is supported by android 4.2 and higher. Visit Play Store to transfer this app. 

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