Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sony PS4 update with game pre-loading and SHAREfactory

Sony simply announced sales of seven million PlayStation 4 consoles and promised a lot of details on its forthcoming software system update. Sony has not amde any annoucement regarding the release dates - when firmware 1.70 will arrive

The other big addition is SHAREfactory, a rich video editor app that will let gamers spice up their game recordings (which are getting a resolution bump to 720p) with filters and effects, music and picture-in-picture feeds from the PlayStation Camera. The music element is particularly interesting because it mentions both provided tracks and the ability to import your own original songs, even though the PS4 can't play MP3s right now. If that's a surprise addition to the list later, we won't argue. One other tweak is letting users decide which friends they will share a clip or screenshot with from the Share menu itself, instead of having to go back into settings first. Additionally, a Japanese press release indicates the update will bring Remote Play to Sony's Vita TV mini-console and the ability to archive those HD Ustream / Twitch broadcasts online.

While the Xbox One's transfer Studio shares a number of a similar options, Sony goes a step additional by letting users post SHAREfactory videos on to Facebook, or move them on to an external USB device to transfer them elsewhere (YouTube). if you prefer DIY capture and editing, FW 1.70's HDCP-off that will allow video capture of games over HDMI will be the big addition, but this makes it easier for anyone to try it. Now, if only we knew when we will get to see the new update (and, hopefully, successive ones to fill in missing features like MP3, Blu-ray 3D, DLNA).


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