Monday, 14 April 2014

Sense 6.0 Arriving On HTC One By End Of May

If you're still using the HTC One from 2013 (or the HTC One M7 because it has additionally been referred to as), you may be happy to find out that consistent with a recent tweet by HTC’s jason Mackenzie, he has reminded HTC One users that they must be able to expect an update for their phones which will bring Sense 6 to the table by the end of may.

However we should always note that Mackenzie represents HTC within the US, therefore we’re unsure once HTC One units in different parts of the world can receive the Sense 6, if they need not received it already. this is often excellent news for users who are still victimization the HTC One and haven't any plans on upgrading to the HTC One M8. After all, the HTC One is just a year previous and still has plenty of use left in it.

In fact Mackenzie’s tweet basically confirms a recently leaked HTC roadmap from back in March that states that Sense 6 are arriving on the HTC One around May-June, but we guess it's currently official. He did not ensure if the Sense 6 update will be arriving on the opposite devices as per the rumor which includes the HTC One dual SIM model, the One easy lay, One Mini, and also the Butterfly S.

In the in the meantime if you’re speculative what awaits you with the HTC Sense 6 update, you might need to envision out this video that is largely an overview of what users will expect on their HTC One handsets post-update.


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