Monday, 7 April 2014

Samsung Gear Fit is a stylish hybrid of smart watch and activity tracker

One of the 3 new second-generation Samsung smart watches, the Gear fit ($200) could be a creative and classy departure from the original Galaxy Gear. It's even as a lot of an activity monitor because it could be a good watch, and it's a markedly new look—slimmer, sleeker, and lighter at .8 ounces than even even the relatively petite pebble Watch (1.4 ounces).

It’s also, well, pretty. The vivid, slightly curved AMOLED 1.84-inch color display pops against the black watchband. you'll change the background color, design, and watch face to suit your mood, or your outfit, and you'll get extra swappable watchbands in orange, red, blue, green, or gray, too. This attention to aesthetics is likely a nod to women (and plenty of men, for that matter) who think of good watches as bulky and ugly.

That said, the work will not do the maximum amount as heftier, pricier good watches; you will not be creating calls or taking photos with it. however once connected to a compatible phone, it will notifications: a quick vibration alerts you to incoming e-mails, calls, texts, and updates from a range of third-party apps. The work enables you to most significant media on your Samsung phone. you'll be able to conjointly reject incoming phone calls with a swipe on the watch. most important, though, are its activity-monitor features. The Gear fit has a inbuilt heart-rate monitor, pedometer, measuring device, and gyroscope, with that it tracks many types of exercise activities.

When Samsung declared its new Gear smart watches back in Feb, the company also said they might run not on android, as did the original Galaxy Gear, but on Tizen, a mobile OS it had a hand in developing. the company told us Tizen will bring "improvements in battery life over the primary version and a large app ecosystem, due to the open SDK [software development kit] we'll be releasing in March."

The Gear work additionally an Associate in Nursing infrared heart-rate monitor on the bottom of the watch. we had to stay very still for the Gear fit to take an individual heart-rate reading

and certify the watch is cosy to your wrist; the monitor under-reported our pulse after we wore the work loosely. sadly, the work traps sweat once it's tight, that could lead on to irritation.

Ease of use

Setting up the Gear fit ia a simple matter. Once absolutely charged, it paired quickly via NFC with a Samsung Galaxy S five smart phone. it is also compatible with the S 4 and S3, Note 3, and numerous different Samsung phones and solely Samsung phones, that is actually a limitation.

True to its name, the work fits nicely on the wrist joint, because of the slightly curved, rectangular display

The touchscreen is attentive to swipes and taps, and also the interface is sweet and easy.

By taking note to style, fit, price, and easy use, Samsung has created the Gear fit a more mainstream-friendly good watch

By specializing  in fitness options, the Gear work has a a lot of obvious reason to exist than most different good watches too.

The Fit's software is in its infancy, tho' it's plenty of area for growth. Apps that fully utilize the Gear Fit’s accelerator and show could create an even higher hybrid activity monitor-smart watch. We’d like to see apps, the same as Run Keeper, use the Gear work as some way to show activity data like exercise time, lap time, and distance run, and control practicality like pause and stop.

The heart-rate-monitoring feature works for simple individual readings when work correctly. however inconsistencies in heart-rate accuracy of a loosely fit Gear fit and previous infrared heart-rate monitors we've tested throughout active exercise raises issues that wrist joint Infrared pulse rate Monitor technology may need to be improved .


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