Sunday, 13 April 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note pro Review

Is there an higher limit screen size for a portable tablet? Samsung is definitely pushing the boundaries with the Galaxy Note professional — packing in a very large, 12.2-inch screen into a device that's roughly 8mm thick and weighs an impressive 753 grams.

In some ways, the Note pro is simply sort of a supersized version of the Note 3. It shares much of the same hardware except that it's a laptop-sized screen and giant battery. Despite the size, it does not feel too serious or delicate.

Chassis, document viewers
The chassis doesn't flex even if you hold the device from one edge. It also has an equivalent pretend leather finish on the rear that feels smart and helps you grip the device better.

Baked into the interface could be a magazine style interface power-driven by Flipboard. It works well and appears very slick. a number of the preloaded business apps include Remote pc (VNC service that helps you to use the pro to access a PC), WebEx client, SideSync (share screens with other Samsung robot phones/tablets) and e-Meeting (digital collaboration tool for teams).

You also realize the usual document viewers, 3 completely different note taking apps, Peel (a universal remote app to use with the IR emitter), knox security and S Voice.

For calling, the Note Pro works like any other Galaxy phone except that it doesn't have an earpiece — you can either use the speakerphone or a wired/Bluetooth headset. The extra screen space really shines when you start reading content, surfing the web, watching movies or multi-tasking.

It's immersive and addictive. You'll soon feel that all your other portable devices have puny, insufficient screens in comparison.

Battery life is just over 10 hours, thanks to the huge battery. The only downsides are that the cameras are not as good as the ones on the Note 3 (but they're still excellent for a tablet) and that it's quite expensive.

Other Details

12.2-inch (2560 x 1600) IPS LCD
Octa core (1.9Ghz quad + 1.3Ghz quad) processor
3GB RAM, 32GB + micro SD
USB 3.0 + MHL, S Pen, 9,500mAh, 753g

Positives and Negatives
Has everything you need in a tablet and more, dazzling screen, stellar build quality, great battery life, excellent 4-in-1 multitasking

Cameras are not as good as the S4/Note3, more expensive than many touchscreen laptops

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