Thursday, 24 April 2014

Robotic Learning Babies

iCub is the latest child of the robot world, and represents a brand new generation of combined Artificial Intelligence robotics that are ready to learn from their surroundings. It’s teetering on the sting of uncanny vale with it’s kid size look, and it learns even as alittle kid would possibly – repetition of facial gestures, memorizing objects, and currently even crawling and shooting a’s solely a matter of time before the robot revolution becomes painfully realistic.

Benefits to Humanity:
Better service categories for potential young couples perhaps? uncertain. i think this is often a lot of an illustration of learning algorithms than a shot to truly produce a usable (is that the proper word?) robot kid, however scale this up to adult size and suddenly you have got a generic robot ready to learn any task a person's will do, instead of previous generation robots that were designed for a particular task… then, we are able to begin worrying concerning the ultimate replacement of countless human employees. Let’s not deem what happens once the computer code update introduces the novel i Consciousness.


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