Monday, 14 April 2014

LithiumCard Is A Charger That Can Fit In Your Wallet

LithiumCard Is A Charger That Can Fit In Your Wallet

Want to be ready to charge your phone wherever you go? If that prospect sounds appealing to you but you don’t wish to own to lug around an enormous external battery pack, you may be interested in the LithiumCard. The charger was originally an Indiegogo project however it's since surpassed its original goal of $30,000 and has managed to rack up nearly $170,000 in pledges, thus safe to mention that this project is sweet to travel.

For those unfamiliar with the LithiumCard, it’s basically a charger you can bring around with you relatively simply, because of its small nature and skinny profile that measures 5.5mm thin, allowing you to simply slip it into your pocket or bag while not it taking up an excessive amount of area. however not solely is that the LithiumCard skinny and simple to bring around, it's additionally quick.

According to testing that has been through with the LithiumCard, it will apparently charge a phone almost double as fast as a regular USB charger. Granted it’s not as quick because the StoreDot that charges phones in below a moment, however we reckon it’s still pretty smart, particularly if you wish that extra little bit of juice to last you until the top of the day.

Now the draw back of the device is that it solely packs a one,200mAh battery. this is lots smaller than most android smartphones currently, and it's additionally smaller than the iPhone, but we guess its quick charging profile and its slim and compact nature implies that it was most likely designed to be used in emergency things as opposition getting used to charge a phone nonchalantly.

As it stands it seems that the LithiumCard is presently oversubscribed out however we expect that they'll begin acceptive pre-orders again at a later date, thus if you’d prefer to learn a lot of, head on over to LinearFlux’s web site for the details.


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