Thursday, 10 April 2014

Johammer electric bike offers - two hundred kilometer range

Johammer electric bike breaks seems like you are riding a frightened snail

kind of surprised this thing exists. The Johammer electro-cruiser is up there with the very strangest bike styles. it's like you’re riding a really shocked snail. however it does exist; this North Austrian roadster created an look at the Linz bike show in February and appears near production.

Apart from the bike’s completely bizarre retro-futuristic styling, a couple of different things are straightaway putting. It doesn’t have a standard dash, opting instead to integrate the speedo and charge indicator into a panel on the mirrors (I shudder to suppose what they’d value to exchange once it falls over!).

It uses a hub-center steering and suspension setup at the face. These units do a really smart job of separating braking from suspension forces and controlling dive beneath brakes, however they’re also far more expensive than forks, and it’s dubious precisely how much benefit there's to having such an exotic front end on what’s unlikely to be a "performance bike."

But the massive price tag item is that the fantastic battery range. Fitted with a strapping twelve.7 kWh battery stack, the Johammer becomes the first electrical bike to boast a 200 kilometer (124 mi) range once absolutely charged. That’s a big number, as a result of 200 km could be a good fuel range for a petrol-powered bike.

the bike’s motor is confined in its rear wheel hub, and it works in reverse as a regenerative brake system. The battery cradle looks to additional or less comprise the frame whereas enclosing the horizontally mounted shocks for the front and rear suspension – a nice bit that ought to keep both suspension units neat and tidy.

The Johammer appears to possess 2 sets of footrests: one set back to produce a fairly standard upright riding position, and another set of route pegs more forward for relaxed route cruising, that has generally not been a strength of previous electrical bikes! the extra footrests are made much easier to implement given that the Johammer has no foot controls to stress about – front and rear brakes are operated from the handlebars much like a scooter setup.

the price of looking this damn sexy? Astronomical. big battery packs, fancy dash-mirrors and hub-center steering don’t come cheap. The 8.3 kWh version can set you back EUR€23,000 (US$31,860) and also the massive pa 12.7 kWh version is EUR€25,000 (US$34,630).


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