Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Intel's next Thunderbolt with two 4K displays

Intel's next Thunderbolt port can handle two 4K displays at once

There's a smart reason why the macintosh professional has six Thunderbolt 2 ports: current Thunderbolt tech is not powerful enough to drive quite one 4K show per port. Future computers should not face that limitation, though. VR-Zone has leaked a presentation that suggests that Intel's next Thunderbolt controller chip, Alpine Ridge, has enough information measure (40Gbps) to drive 2 4K screens at the same time. that would prove an enormous facilitate to video professionals who need multiple ultra-sharp displays while not filling up all their expansion house.

Alpine Ridge may not be a one-trick pony, either. The controller ought to charge systems that require up to 100W of power, and it ought to use simply 0.5 the energy of its predecessor. However, there is also an enormous gotcha -- Intel is reportedly dynamic connectors to produce all that superimposed information measure and electricity. Adapters would allow you to use older Thunderbolt gear, however which may not be comforting if you have already spent a fortune on peripherals.

The company hasn't confirmed any details of the new Thunderbolt description, and there is no guarantee that what we tend to see here can reach finished hardware. you will have to wait and see if the leak is correct, though. The presentation mentions a linkup with Skylake, the successor to Intel's coming Broadwell processor technology. that might place any launch in 2015, if not later.

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