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HP Spectre 13 x2 review:A big-screen hybrid with dual batteries

Big-screen hybrid with dual batteries

The Good The HP Spectre 13 x2 converts into an oversized 13-inch tablet with a full 1080p display. The system is fairly priced, and has a decent choice of ports on the keyboard base.

The bad The combined hybrid body is awkwardly top-heavy, and therefore the bit pad is not sensitive enough for easy all-day use.

The Bottom Line A rare larger-screen hybrid, the HP Spectre x2 aims to be each a portable portable computer and a video-friendly slate. the value is true, however the look feels awkward and therefore the wonky bit pad makes it exhausting to use as a full-time laptop computer.

On paper, the HP Spectre x2 appears like an excellent plan. Take a 13-inch portable computer from HP's high-end Spectre line and provides it the hybrid treatment, permitting the screen to pop off at the bit of a button to become a larger-than-average tablet. In follow, it is a salmagundi, giving flexibility on the far side different hybrids, however additionally control back by some awkward style decisions.

The keyboard base looks and feels like a standard HP island-style keyboard, with rounded corner keys and a reversed Function key row. Typing was as good as on a standard clamshell laptop, but the large touch pad was not as responsive as I'd like, often missing taps and swipes. The very responsive touch screen makes up for this slightly, but office and productivity work was frustrating at times.

When connected to the keyboard base, the 13.3-inch display of the Spectre 13 x2 works well, exhibiting bright colors, although it didn't seem to pop as much as the display on the nonhybrid Spectre 13. The x2 version, while offering wide viewing angles, is also especially glossy and reflected a lot of light. That's especially problematic for a tablet, which you'd be expected to hold at varied angles under different lighting conditions.

One note: our review unit had an upgrade to a full 1,920x1,080 resolution, which adds $70 to the cost. That seems like a no-brainer to me. If I laid out more than $1,000 for a high-end laptop with only a 1,366x768 screen in 2014, I'd be pretty unhappy with the transaction.

Connections, performance, and battery
Hybrids often skimp on ports and connections, but the Spectre 13 x2 does better than most. The keyboard base has a pair of USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI output, while both the base and tablet have combo audio jacks. On the bottom edge of the tablet is its power connection and a microSD card slot, but they're only accessible when the two parts of the system are detached.

Most ultrabook-style laptops -- and even some hybrids -- use Intel's low-voltage U series of Core i-series chips. The Spectre 13 x2 instead uses the Y series, specifically designed for tablets, with a lower power usage during mainstream tasks.

At least the value starts off within the right ballpark. HP's wonderful Spectre 13 (this model's nonhybrid cousin) opens at $999, whereas this detachable screen version comes in at $1,099. For a regular Core i5/128GB SSD combo in an exceedingly premium package, that is affordable, though those basic specs are often found for fewer in additional plastic-feeling laptops. Our review unit additional a high-res one,920x1,080 screen (over the stock one,366x768 version) and quicker 802.11ac Wi-Fi, for a complete of $1,189.

Like most detachable-screen hybrids, the inner elements are all housed within the upper half the portable computer, that detaches via a chunky push-button within the center of the hinge. sadly, the screen 0.5 is far denser than the keyboard base (which conjointly contains a second battery), therefore it feels terribly serious within the hand as a tablet, and like it's close to tip over backward as a laptop computer.

That might be excusable, if the rest of the clamshell experience was up to par. but while the keyboard is up to HP's usual smart standards, and the hybrid base has enough ports and connections to be useful, the twitchy touch pad merely lost too several faucets and swipes, creating it frustrating to use.

I'd decision the Spectre 13 x2 a first-gen experiment that could be really nice with many moderate tweaks. because it stands, this can be a really good 13-inch pill that conjointly transforms into a clumsy portable computer.

Design and options 
If not for the recent horsepower Spectre 13, a sister system to the present one, i would be tempted to explain the Spectre thirteen x2 as a slim, enticing ultrabook. however the nonhybrid version is therefore well-designed that it leaves the the x2 trying dowdy by comparison. Of course, the x2 has to match all its key elements behind the show, therefore it's operative at a style disadvantage.

The screen detaches from its base within the same manner as nearly all detachables within the Windows eight era -- via a giant, chunky button right within the middle of the hinge. it is a mechanism that appears clearly low-tech, and its central position on the hinge makes it awkward to achieve, particularly whereas your different hand has to air the higher lip of the screen to soundly pull it away. To be fair, this can be a drag we've encountered with several detachable hybrids, and i am looking forward to some forward-thinking computer company to return up with a additional elegant resolution.

When detached from its base, I liked the 13-inch tablet a part of the Spectre x2 lots. the massive 13-inch show and good 1080p resolution facilitate it stand out from each slate-style tablets and different hybrids with smaller screens. It feels most reception on your lap whereas sitting in an exceedingly chair or on the couch, however it may slip within a soft pocketbook and go beside you for a better-than-average mobile moving picture expertise or a very easy-to-see e-book reader.

Volume controls ar handily placed on atiny low rocker activate the rear of the show, designed to be directly beneath your left finger once holding the tablet in each hands. an influence switch occupies a corresponding space beneath your paw. i used to be involved regarding accidentally hit one or each of those controls whereas holding the tablet, however enough force is needed to activate either that it wasn't a drag.

That led to the Spectre 13 x2 rating slightly slower in a number of our benchmark tests in comparison to different ultrabooks and hybrids. But, in real-world terms, the variations are marginal, and you are unlikely to notice once performing on everyday tasks like internet surfing, HD video streaming, social media sharing, and dealing on productivity apps. Frankly, the wonky bit pad caused additional of a lag once typewriting than did the cpu.

One of the attention-grabbing stuff you will do with a hybrid is include one battery within the tablet screen, and a second battery within the keyboard base. hp will that, and once using each batteries combined, the system ran for 7:15 on our video playback battery drain check, that is extremely sensible for a 13-inch non-Apple laptop. using simply the tablet screen alone, we got a results of 4:38 on a similar check. that is not nice for a full-time tablet, however it'll a minimum of get you thru some of flicks.

The formidable power unit Spectre thirteen x2 is one in every of those products that will be higher on paper than in person. however that is solely because the concept of a 13-inch high-res hybrid that builds off of HP's excellent Spectre line is such associate appealing one.

The Spectre thirteen x2 works well as a big-screen tablet, and its laptop computer mode is just command back by some awkward weight and balance problems, to not mention slightly pad that does not always register taps and swipes. Fix those 2 things and you have got a true winner.

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