Tuesday, 8 April 2014

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ makes it easier to grab sleek aerial video, photos

DJI's Phantom 2 Vision is just about the benchmark for ready-to-fly (RTF) quadcopters for aerial photos and video. Well, it absolutely was the benchmark till the new Phantom 2 Vision+ arrived.

The quadcopter itself appears unchanged from the Phantom 2 Vision. you will find all the same convenience options like color-coded, self-tightening propellers for straightforward installation and replacement, and a slot-loading battery pack (no connectors to mess with here) that delivers up to 25 minutes of flight time. If you do notstop to charge up its batteries or read the manual, it will go from out of the box to up within the air in about 10 minutes.

The camera on the Vision+, although it's totally different, additionally appears to be identical, a minimum of in specs: an f2.8 lens paired with a 14-megapixel 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor which will capture Adobe DNG raw or JPEG pictures and video at up to 1080p at 30fps. you'll be able to additionally control ISO, exposure compensation, and white balance, and select from 140-, 120-, or 90-degree field of read.

The biggest modification is what's supporting the camera. With the first Vision, the camera was on an antivibration platform stabilised solely on the lean axis and therefore the tilting vary during flight (remotely controlled through the mobile Vision app) had a variety of 60 degrees. The Vision+, however, features a three-axis gimbal kind of like the one accessible to be used with a GoPro camera on the Phantom 2.

The gimbal actively stabilizes the camera in roll, pitch, and yaw directions keeping the video trying swish even with sudden movements. Plus, the camera will currently do a 90-degree tilt letting you shoot straight down.

The quadcopter's integrated GPS autopilot system permits it to hover at a specific altitude and hold its position therefore you can get the precise shot you're after. The GPS additionally offers you a return-to-home fail-safe that may signal the Phantom to fly back to your takeoff spot and land just in case you travel out of range or just panic.

And if you are once a lot of of a drone experience, the Phantom 2 Vision+ is fully compatible with DJI's Ground Station capabilities, that enables you to plot a GPS path for the Phantom to navigate autonomously.

Also new for the Vision+ is increased range for the Wi-Fi extender. Sitting on a bar connected to the radio controller, the extender delivers the first-person read from the Vision+ camera to an robot or iOS device using the DJI Vision app (that may also be clamped on the controller). The Vision was capped at 300 meters, however the Vision+ will travel up to 700 meters (2,296 feet) away.

The app not only lets you pilot from a first-person perspective and management the camera, however it is also what delivers important measure and flight data like altitude, direction, flight distance, and speed.

Lastly, DJI added a security feature to prevent flights that are too near large and tiny airports.

We'll have a full review within the close to future, however if you recognize you wish one, the DJI Phantom two Vision+ is on the market for pre-order for $1,299.


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