Sunday, 20 April 2014

Cyborg glasses allow you to pretend a decent mood

Agency Glass helps you to convey emotions through digital eyes? Hirotaka Osawa wants to assist individuals look happy even when they are not.

What happens after you have a job where you have to constantly look happy even once you're not? Nurses, doctors, teachers, retail salespeople, waiters, baristas, flight attendants, and others within the robotics can't afford to seem angry or annoyed once serving the public.

Cyborg technology has ensured our ability to boost both physical labor with robotics and brain labor with computers, therefore why not emotional labor -- during which politeness toward the general public is simply as necessary because the task itself.

Hirotaka Osawa, from Tsukuba University in Japan, needs to make sure that we all look friendly and approachable together with his emotional labor-saving device -- AgencyGlass.

What looks like a high-tech version of googly-eye glasses is actually a wearable device that displays digital eyeballs on lenses that follow individuals round the room and offers the user an appearance of politeness.

AgencyGlass has quite an few animated choices. The digital eyeballs blink once cernuous your head. Tilt your head back, and also the eyeballs hunt to simulate a thoughtful expression. The device is travel by a digital computer with Bluetooth, a electro-acoustic transducer, gyrometer, measuring device, a battery, and OLED displays.

An external camera, which can be worn in a very shirt pocket, detects people looking at you as they walk by therefore your digital eyes will respond consequently, giving the illusion that you are returning their gaze.

Dark lenses in the AgencyGlass hide the users' real eyes however do not impede their traditional vision, in order that they will act their traditional activities like reading and walking. a lot of significantly, they will sneak in a very fast nap whereas attending conferences.


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