Thursday, 3 April 2014

Body Dryer air-dries you off, no towel necessary

A futurist body-drying device goes in for crowdfunding with the goal of eliminating the need of  towels once and for all.

Some day, within the not-too-distant future, you'll get out from the shower and stand on a platform that blows air up and around your body to dry you off. Meanwhile, towels sit in a very depository somewhere, artifacts of a bygone era. it isn't far-fetched after you see the Body dryer.

The impetus for the Body dryer came from considering the difficulty of bath towels and the way they will contain microorganism. The resulting device isn't too far flung from the art movement drier utilized in "Blade Runner," except you do not got to stick your head in an exceedingly bubble. All the action comes from below your feet.

The Body drier appearance a bit bit sort of a rest room scale (the production model is even slated to have a scale designed into it). You stand thereon and it blows air upward to dry you off. you'll make a choice from hot or cold air, looking on your mood. the feeling of using it's described as feeling sort of a wind pushing against your body in an exceedingly circular motion.

The Body drier is not designed to dry your hair, therefore some folks would possibly still wish to stay a towel or hair dryer handy. think about as being sort of a body-size Dyson Airblade. It takes regarding thirty seconds to push the water off your body. The water is collected within the platform, wherever current air evaporates the wet.

The Body drier team would like to see the device adopted by gyms and pools to scale back the number of laundry. A patron has already mentioned its quality for folks with disabilities who have a tough time using a towel.

A operating prototype of the Body drier has been created. The Indiegogo campaign is aiming for a $50,000 funding goal. Early adopters will get in line for a machine for $125, with the regular pledge worth set at $150. that is not crazy for a home appliance you'll all right imagine showing up within the Hammacher Schlemmer or Brookstone catalogs. Your interest in shopping for a Body dryer probably depends on however prepared you're to kiss your bathtub towels farewell.

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