Monday, 14 April 2014

Bloodhound SSC 1000mph Supersonic Car

Engineers from the swansea University, college of Engineering team are engaged on the supersonic automobile project - The bloodhound SSC for quite some time now. in a very recent paper, that they printed within the Journal of Automobile Engineering, they've described the aerodynamic characteristics of traveling at 1,000 miles per hour. what's being referred to as the foremost most enjoyable and dynamic engineering challenge, the bloodhound SSC project is gripped the eye of all automobile enthusiasts over the planet. once driven at such an implausible speed, simulations currently show however the automobile shall deal with the supersonic rolling ground, rotating wheels and ensuing shock waves in shut proximity to the test surface.

To achieve efficiency at such a speed, the supersonic car's designers have created the most advanced fusion of space, aeronautical and Formula one engineering ever tried. Yep. the primary challenges faced by the team behind the project include drag minimization and vertical force control for a safe record try. to increase the Land Speed Record (LSR) try of this type by quite 30 minutes - the team had to start out all over once more from the clean minimums. they'd to approach the the designing method by a very new method of thinking.

The university has been working on the computational fluid dynamics of the project, developing models of the aerodynamic flows that BLOODHOUND will experience. Using this data, the vehicle design shall be influenced a lot. The aspects such as front wheel configuration, the jet engine intake shaping, the shape of the nose, rear wheel fairings and wing shape and size -has all been subject to design change thanks to the CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) modelings.

Furthermore, the team realized that the problem was more difficult to deal with at the rear end of the car, rather than keeping the nose down at the front.


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