Thursday, 24 April 2014

Backup Drive called sphere

LaCie serves up the sphere – A Mirrored silver Backup Drive Worth $490

“You’re Old World Shade with Luxury, Modern Technology”

 Backup Drive called sphere –
Available in silver color, A Backup Drive Worth $490 that will fill your world with Luxury related to Modern Technology

Hard Drive positives: - An amazing, and very exciting work must say as far as its appearance is concerned. It is created with hand crafted steel. Offers high level of performance with USB 3.0 Connectivity.

Some negative observations:- Expensive, Doesn’t not offer protection against figure prints, And won’t work in USB 2.0 ports

Conclusion: - A Fast performing and extremely good looking device which can be used for storage purpose
Can't imaging a world without hard drives that are External. It took few years for creating the design of Lacie to ensure that it stands out with industrial designs

Handcrafted and silvered in France, with embedded technology, the Sphere is capable of adding prestige to any business and home owners too. The Sphere Offers 1 Tb of storage space with USB 3.0 support.

Key specifications
 Come with a USB 3.0 cable capable of performing dual roles - As data cable and as a power cable.
 Software suite is pre-installed on the drive, That includes the Backup Assistant and others software’s.
 Offers storage capacity of 1 TB
 The Blue LED on the front displays the drive status storage availability.
 Also offers an Eco Mode for low usage of energy.

About the Design. As we are aware that Lacie the hard drive is in a round or spherical shape that the main reason for manual platting

The Designing project was completed in Yainville France in Christofle's silversmith workshop.
This unique design sphere measures 5.3 inches in diameter. Flat from the base to offer balance for placement. Tallness of 4.9 inches. And weighs just 1.1 pounds. Much lighter than it appears. It feels solid, and it is Quite - make no sound even if shaken.

The 1 TB model comes for $490.
For a drive which offers both Looks and Inelegance the cost seems to be an affordable one. It can be considered as a beautiful present for a special and sophisticated friend.
LaCie Christofle Sphere makes a perfect choice regards to the combination of great looks and excellent performance.

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