Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Xiaomi set for launching new phones

Chinese big Xiaomi, the smartphone maker that is headed by a person noted as the Steve Jobs of China, is set to enter the Indian market.

According to individuals with direct data of the matter, the company plans to line up an office within the country, and also partner with telecom firms to sell the devices. this may even be done aboard selling the phones directly through the company’s e-commerce platform.

Selling phones through on-line platforms like Flipkart became a success within the Indian smartphone market, with firms like Motorola using it to good success. Xiaomi’s proposed entry comes on the heels of alternative Chinese rivals such as Gionee and Oppo, who have recently entered the Indian market.

The company features a curious business model. It sells its phones at a really low price. however it recoups its cash by giving services like mobile applications and movies via its package, that relies on Google’s android OS.

Its classic Mi3 phones have led to the formation of a cult personality round the company’s founder, Lei Jun, who is commonly compared to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

In a recent media interview, Hugo Barra, international Vice-President, Xiaomi, discerned that the company wouldn't begin the market’s low-end, however instead manufacture “aggressively priced phones targeted on performance and quality.”

The company will not be creating a Firefox OS or Ubuntu phone, however instead can target the android smartphone market.

“When Xiaomi enters Asian nation, it'll have its work cut out for it. Not solely will it need to cope with biggies like Lenovo or Samsung, it conjointly must worry concerning the Indian low-end, that consists of players like Micromax or Karbonn.

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