Monday, 3 March 2014

World's first smart virtual store

World's first smart virtual store opens in Korea, caters to smartphone users

Homeplus chain, proclaimed yesterday that it'll open what it calls a “fourth generation outlet, Homeplus sensible Virtual Store at Seolleung terminal in southern capital of South Korea 

The virtual store itself is found in one in all the most corridors that runs between the exit/entry turnstiles of the borderline. it'd be a lot of accurately expressed that the shop not simply lies within the passageway, however rather is that the passageway. i used to be expecting the shop to own its own corner, very like the copious variety of purse and wear venders, however the shop is really nothing over than the columns occupying the middle of the passageway. the shop itself consists of the column wallpapered with the pictures of assorted product. every product contains a corresponding QR or barcode set to a lower place it.

The process for getting associate item is sort of straightforward, as made public on the primary and last pillar: 1st, transfer and install the Homeplus App for iPhone or humanoid. Next, victimisation the appliance, scan the barcode or QR code of the meant item. Review your purchase, so pay electronically. If you have already got a Homeplus ID you’ll be able to skip a number of the info entry steps, however although you lack those credentials, the method appears quite straightforward.

Delivery is sort of straightforward likewise. The user chooses the time of the delivery, which is able to be created by brick and mortar Homeplus stores near the user’s address. Stores build deliveries each 2 hours, for a complete of ten distinct delivery times per day. Delivery fees square measure low cost, starting from one,000 won ($0.94) to 4,000 won ($3.76).

The impetus for such a store lies within the high usage of public transportation, and even as abundant within the high rate of smartphone usage among South Koreans. The peninsula Communications Commission predicts associate nearly unbelievable twenty five million smartphone users within the last half of 2011, as compared to seven.2 million users within the half. For a rustic of but forty nine million, that's associate astounding rate of adoption in little time.

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