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Toshiba Chromebook 13

Toshiba Chromebook thirteen reviewed: countless screen, battery life and plastic


Looking for a 13.3 inch inch Chromebook? At the instant, you've got one and just one option: Toshiba’s Chromebook 13. For $299 or less, you get a solid perforer with tight battery life 

Toshiba is that the latest company coming into the Chrome OS market with its Chromebook thirteen. With a lot of Chromebooks than ever, however will Toshiba suppose it will stand out from the crowd? a bigger however still mobile expertise is that the answer as this is often the sole Chromebook presently offered with 13.3-inch display

I’ve been employing a Chromebook thirteen review unit as my full-time , primary information processing system for nearly every week to ascertain if Toshiba delivers. Here’s what I found.

The screen is that the visible distinction
Overall, the Chromebook 13 is extremely similar to its peers. Look at the Acer C720 series or the HP Chromebook 14 and you’ll find very similar packages with the main difference being the display size. Acer uses 11.6-inch displays while HP chose a 14-inch panel for its Chromebook. All of these use the same Intel Celeron chip based on the Haswell architecture, so performance is nearly identical.

Clearly, Toshiba felt the market needed a Chromebook in between the 11.6-inch and 14-inch screen sizes and I agree. Smaller Chromebooks can feel a little cramped while the larger HP may be too big for some. The 13.3-inch screen on Toshiba’s Chromebook feels just right for all day use to me. Note that the Chromebook 13 weighs 3.3 pounds; step up to the slightly larger HP Chromebook 14 and you’ll be toting a heavier 4.08 pound laptop.

You don’t very get a lot of space to figure on the larger screen as compared to the smaller choices, though. Toshiba’s show has identical 1366 x 768 resolution that’s become a de-facto customary for many Chromebooks, therefore everything is simply alittle larger. i believe that’s a uncomprehensible opportunity; the corporate might have offered a premium model, as an example, with a better resolution show. And Samsung’s new Chromebook a pair of — returning in Gregorian calendar month with a thirteen.3-inch screen — can have full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080.

As so much because the screen itself, it’s good, however not nice. i prefer the brightness and clarity. The show gets alittle washed out once viewing at wide angles, however. It’s not a difficulty once sitting right ahead of the Chromebook thirteen. Showing an internet page or video with somebody else sitting aboard you is wherever the matter creeps in.

The rest of the hardware is what you’d expect
Inside is a fairly standard Chromebook configuration, as mentioned prior. An Intel Celeron 2955U powers the laptop and is paired with 2 GB of memory. Again, that’s a missed opportunity: you can purchase an Acer C720 with 4 GB of RAM for less than this Toshiba Chromebook. However, even in my pretty busy workflow, with 8 to 10 browser tabs open throughout the day, the Chromebook 13 performed well. If you’re a Chrome power user that keeps a dozen or more tabs open daily, you could see some slowdown and page refreshing but for most people, 2 GB of memory is adequate.

Toshiba includes 16 GB of internal flash storage and the device comes with 100 GB of free Google Drive storage for two years. An SD card reader and two USB 3.0 ports adorn the sides and there’s also a full-sized HDMI port for connecting the Chromebook 13 to an external monitor. A pair of speakers sit under the unit but are fitted in the front right corners; based on the laptop’s wedge design, the sound is piped out nicely and the speakers are reasonably loud yet a little tinny. The integrated webcam works well for images and video chats. Wireless connectivity comes through the 802.11 a/g/n Wi-Fi radio and Bluetooth 4.0.

Performance and battery life
Since it's a Chromebook, Toshiba’s new portable computer runs Chrome OS. therefore you can’t install ancient apps however instead have a browser, net services and therefore the ability to put in net apps from the Chrome net Store. As a full-time Chrome OS user, that works well on behalf of me and I’m simply productive with the Chromebook thirteen. From a benchmark perspective, the device tests well.

On the SunSpider benchmark, wherever a lower score is best, the Chromebook thirteen attained a score of 312.5 milliseconds. That’s nearly as quick as my Chromebook picture element that prices $1,000 a lot of and scored 279.1 milliseconds. Associate in Nursing hydrocarbon check, wherever higher numbers square measure higher, yielded a score of ten,418 compared to the Pixel’s seventeen,298. supported those numbers and actual expertise, I’d estimate the Chromebook thirteen gets you regarding sixty five p.c of the Pixel’s performance for alittle fraction of the worth. Toshiba’s Chromebook is additionally regarding double as quick the presently offered ARM-based Chromebooks.

I had no inarticulate or lag once taking part in HD videos on YouTube or Netflix either. And 720p videos look nice on the massive show.

Plastic, plastic, plastic
The biggest issue I actually have with the Chromebook thirteen is that the overall build. the complete device is plastic, as square measure others during this worth vary. The plastic simply feels dilutant and cheaper by comparison. you'll simply flex the show by twisting on the highest 2 corners, as an example. The gliding joint rests throw in the towel alittle once putting your hands during a typewriting position. and that i will simply flex the bottom of the device by pushing down on the left and right of the keyboard. It simply feels low cost.
Granted, this Chromebook has Associate in Nursing MSRP of $299 direct from Toshiba and may be found on-line for $279 or less. therefore you shouldn’t expect a metallic element or {aluminum|aluminium|Al|atomic number thirteen|metallic element|metal} case within the Chromebook 13. Compared to different Chromebooks, however, the casing material simply looks a smidgen flimsy.

To get or to not buy
Would the plastic feel stop Maine from shopping for the Chromebook 13?

Probably not, particularly if I wished a bigger show and this one hits the sweet spot on behalf of me. However, we have a tendency to currently grasp that for $100 a lot of next month, Samsung are going to be providing a Chromebook with a much better thirteen.3-inch screen.

The big distinction and unknown there's that Samsung’s Chromebook a pair of can use a ARM-based processor, not one from Intel and that we don’t however knowledge it'll perform. For currently then, the king of thirteen.3-inch Chromebooks is Toshiba.

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