Monday, 31 March 2014

Sony's e-ink tablet

Sony can unleash a brand new 13.3" e-ink tablet geared toward the professional market. whereas a lot of and more individuals have gravitated towards a full color tablet owing to its overall capabilities, Sony believes that there's still a phase that wishes an alternate resolution. Digital Paper is that resolution with an improved approach to using e-ink on a tablet; Sony's Digital Paper is a tablet that allows users to browse, write, and share their creations electronically. 

The large 13.3" show with a resolution of 1200x1600 allows documents to be presented in their natural form. By utilizing the massive area, documents will be viewed natively (8.5" x 11") on the tablet while not the necessity to zoom. The Digital Paper additionally includes a touch-enabled surface that permits for straightforward menu choice or will be used to merely flip the page. Lastly, the enclosed stylus will be used to write, erase, and highlight just like a typical paper document.

The Digital Paper specifications: 

World’s thinnest, lightest body among devices with comparable screen sizes (approximately 9/32” and 12.6 oz.); slightly thicker than 30 sheets of paper
13.3 inch (screen size measured diagonally) electronic paper display
High contrast display (1200 x 1600 dots), 16-level grayscale, incorporating “E Ink Mobius” technology from E Ink Corporation
No backlight enables text to be read clearly, even in bright sunlight
Built-in Wi-Fi functionality allows file sharing over a wireless network
Rechargeable thin lithium-ion battery – up to 3 weeks use on a single charge​
AC adapter or USB rechargeable (computer-based charging)
Storage – approximately 2,800 PDF files; internal memory of 4 GB coupled with micro SD card slot for additional storage
Touch panel (IR touch) compatible with electromagnetic induction-type touch pen input
Dimensions – Approximately 9 1/4” width by 12 1/4” height by 9/32” depth (thickness)
Weight – Approximately 12.6 ounces
The Sony Digital Paper will be available in May for $1100 at Worldox, if you are willing to splash that kind of cash on a device that has a narrow band of uses.

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