Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Samsung HW-F355 two.1-Channel 120-Watt Soundbar

As televisions get thinner and thinner, so do the speakers within the screen. With some televisions being as skinny as half an inch, it’s not hard to believe the thereforeund quality on these costly sets being so terrible. to urge good sound from your LED tv, in most cases you’ll have to be compelled to resort to an external speakerresolution. this might embrace a full 7.1 surround sound setup with a receiver, subwolfer and satellite speakers. Or it might be as easy as a soundbar and subwolfer. And for this we elect the Samsung HW-F355 2.1-Channel 120-Watt Soundbar.


The Samsung HW-F355 two.1-Channel 120-Watt Soundbar

The Samsung HW-F355 2.1-Channel 120-Watt Soundbar instantly upgrades your home theatre system. This unit comes with a wall mount bracket otherwise you will set it below the tv. additionally, the subwolfer comes with a really long cable and might be placed virtually anyplace within the area. Once connected, you’ll instantlynotice a deeper bass and fuller vary of sound. The soundbar will connect through commonplace audio input, optical input and Bluetooth (if your tv supports it). If you’re not reaching to connect it via Bluetooth, you’ll need to buyAN optical cable, as this speaker set solely ships with the quality audio cables.

The Samsung HW-F355 additionally incorporates a type of planned listening modes, such as 3D, dolby Digital,sensible Sound and DTs. Another additional advantage is having the ability to attach your alternative media devices to play music via Bluetooth.

In conclusion, the Samsung HW-F355 may be a fantastic worth for the value. If you're not glad together with your LED or LCD television’s current speaker and don't need to pay a fortune on an receiver and speaker set, the Samsung HW-355 may be a nice alternative for your home entertainment system.

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