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Review: Nokia Lumia 1520

iPhones and android phones would possibly get the lion's share of attention, however we expect Windows Phone could be a pretty terrific platform in its claim. What happens after you marry Microsoft's mobile OS to a massive 6-in phablet? You get the Nokia Lumia 1520, the first of its kind. scan on for our review.

The Lumia 1520 is really the proud holder of many "firsts" for Windows Phone. It's, as we have a tendency to already mentioned, the first Windows Phone phablet. it had been the first Windows Phone with a 1080p screen. it had been conjointly the first WP with Qualcomm's zippy snapdragon 800 within. And what it all adds up to is one among the first Windows Phones (along with Verizon's Lumia Icon) with specs which will go toe-to-toe with the largest and best android flagships.

Of course nice specs do not essentially create an excellent phone. however once spending many quality time with the Lumia 1520, i would say this is often a case wherever the expertise of exploitation it lives up to those expectations.

Before we have a tendency to get into that, though, there is the matter of size. the primary question you would like to raise yourself before throwing down for any phablet is whether or not you'll be able to brook a phone that is nearly as massive as alittle tablet. As way as phablets go, i believe the Lumia 1520 feels pretty comfy in hand. Unless you are Dikembe Mutombo, though, you'll likely have to be compelled to use this puppy with 2 hands. Hold it with one, tap and swipe the screen with the opposite – very like you'd with a tablet.

In your pocket, though, could be a totally different story. The Lumia 1520 can create its presence felt there. i do not assume it is a deal-breaker, however place AN iPhone in your pocket, then swap it for this behemoth, and it'll desire a block of loo tile tucked into your Levis.

If you have ever used any Nokia Lumia flagship, then the design and feel of the 1520 ought to be instantly acquainted. it is the same colourful polycarbonate finish that we've been seeing in Nokia's Windows Phones for the previous few years (this one is sold in yellow, red, white, and black models). i believe the graceful, diagonal edges and slick end work well for such a massive phone. Compare it with one thing just like the HTC One max, that is formed of AN angular and dense aluminium, and you will see however the Lumia's plastic sounds like a way higher suitable a beast like this.

Then there is the show. we have a tendency to already grasp that the 6-in screen is massive (it's truly 11 % larger than the Galaxy Note 3's already-oversized screen), however it is also beautiful. Bright, colorful, and extremely sharp at 367 pixels per inch, it's one among the most effective displays I've used on any mobile device.

This screen would in all probability look terrific notwithstanding what package it had been running, however a part of the charm here is that the wedding between the show and therefore the Windows Phone UI. Say what you'll regarding Microsoft's mobile OS, however i believe it is the best-looking of all the mobile platforms. The live tiles, Segoe WP font, and fluid transition animations mix with those 2 million pixels for a few serious visual percept. currently after all this is often all extremely subjective, however i believe these initial 1080p Windows Phones (it's once more joined by the Lumia Icon) look nothing wanting beautiful.

There is, sadly, a draw back to running Windows Phone eight. the maximum amount as i really like what Microsoft has been doing with the platform, its app choice is not on par with the iOS App Store and Android's Google Play. it is a younger system, therefore don't have any fear: it's attending to continue to grow. however straight away your cash simply is not shopping for you a similar reasonably app library because it will after you throw down for AN iPhone, Galaxy, Nexus, or the other robot phone.

If you'll be able to work with the restricted app library, though, this beast of a phone encompasses a few additional perks. one among the largest is its camera. Its 20-megapixel PureView shooter takes outstanding shots, a number of the most effective you'll be able to get out of a smartphone.

The camera truly takes 2 footage with every snap of the shutter: a smaller five MP shot for fast sharing, similarly as a high-res sixteen MP image that you simply will solely access by plugging it into a computer.

Megapixels get blown out of proportion in private coverage, however the high-res shots do have their perks. Like once a Geococcyx californianus scurries across your fence:

I was able to concentrate and snap that shot before the tiny bugger ran away (fleeing from a coyote on a rocket-powered skateboard, no doubt). however I took the shot from up to now back that you simply will barely see the tiny guy. And on most different smartphones, cropping it down would have created for a really hazy bird. however the Lumia's sixteen MP image makes such AN extreme crop truly look pretty good:

Megapixels do typically get blown out of proportion once discussing cameras, however this is often one case wherever a higher-resolution device came in pretty handy.

Battery life is yet one more massive and for the Lumia 1520. I've ne'er return anyplace near running out of juice by the top of each day, even with fairly significant usage. And in our additional formal check, wherever I streamed video over Wi-Fi with brightness on "Medium" (which continues to be pretty bright), it lasted a formidable seven hours and forty three minutes. No worries any therein department.

If you are on the rummage around for a phablet, then the Lumia 1520 could be a terrific choice. you simply need to move into it knowing that Windows Phone's app choice is not the greatest, which there is not any stylus like you will find within the Galaxy Note three. Otherwise you get a giant and exquisite show, a top-notch camera, quick and fluid performance, and all-day battery life. have a say bundled Microsoft workplace and a sleek polycarbonate chassis, and you have got a beautiful powerhouse of a phone which may cause you to terribly happy.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is very suggested for anyone yearning for a high-end phablet – UN agency can even brook a somewhat lacking app choice. It's offered currently beginning at U.S.A.$550 off-contract (in the US it's exclusive to AT&T). 

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