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Since the Beats Studio Wireless ar basically the wireless version of the Beats Studio headphones we have a tendency to reviewed recently, we have a tendency to patterned this may finally end up being a reasonably easy review. The method we have a tendency to saw it, either the Bluetooth sound quality was attending to be sensible or it wasn’t – everything else would keep an equivalent, right? shut, however not specifically.

Aside from adding $80 over the worth of normal Studio headphones, Bluetooth brings many variations in however you employ them. What came as a surprise, however, was a variance in sonic performance. Still, several of the essential style parts stay an equivalent, therefore if you discover yourself thinking this review reads plenty like our Beats by Dre Studio review, you’d be right.

Out of the box
Our 1st impression of the Studio Wireless was principally positive. just like the revamped Studio headphones, this wireless version is significantly lighter and additional efficient than it forerunner. the look is sort of entirely curves, and therefore the material in use feels additional versatile and resilient.
Along the highest of our review sample’s shiny blue band (the Studio Wireless also are accessible in shiny black, red and gray, with a special matte black version available) Dr. Dre’s name has been omitted in favor of the Beats denomination instead. The headphones have a less industrial feel too, keeping screws principally hidden from sight. Overall, the new Studio Wireless have a cleaner, less clumsy feel to them than the previous version did.

Removing labels from the on-board controls offers the Studio Wireless a cleaner look, however track-advance and reverse not have their own buttons. Instead, you have got to double or triple-press the red “b” button on the surface of the left ear cup, that additionally is the play/pause button with one press.

In the box with the headphones we have a tendency to found 2 red, rubbery, tangle-resistant headphones cables – one with associate inline management mike, one while not – each with 90-degree three.5mm input jacks, a USB charging cable, a USB wall adapter, a requisite karabiner, some product literature, a Beats sticker, and a microfiber improvement artifact.

The new Studio Wireless still sport spongy memory-foam ear pads coated in soft cloth, and we’re still fans of however they feel. sadly, the undersurface of the scarf remains under-padded. The small travel case additionally remains an equivalent size despite additional and bigger accessories, creating it even additional incommodious. Cramming everything within the case is associate exercise in frustration.

Features and style
Beats managed to extend battery life within the new model by 2 hours, currently giving twelve hours of wireless audio performance, or twenty hours once wired up. Battery strength and power standing ar portrayed by a row of 5 tiny, white crystal rectifiers and one LED on the ability button, all of that go on the undersurface of the correct ear cup. You’ll additionally notice a battery-level icon on iOS devices, right next to the Bluetooth image.

The new Studio Wireless feature an equivalent dual-mode noise-cancelling circuit: one for music listening, the opposite for merely movement out the racket around you. The alleged “Beats Acoustic Engine” uses DSP (digital signal processing) to make sure the headphones turn out a selected sound signature. From our listening tests, we have a tendency to suspect the noise-cancelling and acoustic-engine processes ar in connivance.

Many folks (including ourselves) typically have bother memory to show off active noise-cancelling and Bluetooth headphones, that the inclusion of associate automotive vehicle power on/off feature here could be a welcome one. it's necessary to notice, however, that the automotive vehicle power feature solely works after you insert or take away the phone cable from the left ear cup. If you fail to show them off manually and pack them up with the cable still inserted, they’ll stay on till they’re dead (which we have a tendency to learned the arduous method, naturally).

We alveolate the Beats Studio Wireless against the Beats Studio, scrutiny the wireless local area network of the previous to the wired fidelity of the latter. we have a tendency to additionally brought the Phiaton Chord MS530 into the combination for scrutiny each Bluetooth sound quality and noise-cancellation properties, and therefore the PSB M4U2 for general sound quality and noise cancelling.

The Beats by Dre Studio Wireless won’t win the hearts of audiophiles any time before long, however the corporate did an honest factor by taming the bass and presenting a clearer overall sound. because of the Bluetooth streaming method, these headphones manage to stay sparkling treble while not intensifying USA with piercing highs all the time. As a result, we have a tendency to wore the Studio Wireless phones for a way longer than the other Beats headphone we’ve tested so far. $380 appears slightly steep for what you get out of the Studio Wireless, however we’re happy to visualize Beats head during a positive direction with its design.

Bluetooth tames treble some
Better-controlled bass
Adequate noise cancelling
Long-lasting battery
Sleek design

Lack of dynamics
Some hiss when music isn’t active
Response curve changes with volume
When the battery dies, so does the music

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