Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Nvidia Project shield hand-held gaming system

Nvidia announces Project shield hand-held gaming system with 5-inch multitouch display

Nvidia has simply unveiled a brand new hand-held gaming system known as Project shield. Project shield is powered by the Tegra 4 processor and may play console-quality games whereas still providing a mobile expertise. The processor is capable of pushing 4K resolution video over HDMI to external displays. It includes advanced sound process that Nvidia says rivals Beats Audio-equipped laptops, and a 33Wh battery that gives 5 to 10 hours of play time or twenty four hours of HD video playback. It options a 5-inch, 720p Retinal multitouch display with 294ppi picture element density, and includes a slot for micro-SD card growth. The defend runs android — pure android while not a skin, as Nvidia insists — and includes Google's apps for Gmail and also the Play Store.

In addition to supporting all of the games on the market to android devices and also the games within the Tegra Zone, the defend conjointly has the flexibility to stream games from a home Windows laptop equipped with a GeForce GTX 650 (or higher) graphics card to the hand-held device over Wi-Fi, letting users access their library of laptop games, together with games within the Steam library, anyplace in their home. It access the games on the house laptop and run them nearly on the defend. within the future, Nvidia says that it'll add support to stream content from the defend to a tv wirelessly, thus you'll be able to watch video and play games on your TV show while not being bound by wires. Of course, with support for the quality android platform, the defend conjointly has access to the many thousands of apps that are on the market within the Google Play Store.

Hardware-wise, the shield includes a clamshell style with a recreation controller hooked up below the device's show. The managementler has twin control sticks, a D-pad, associated multiple action buttons — it ought to look acquainted to anyone who has command an Xbox 360 controller.

Unfortunately, Nvidia didn't announce a value for Project shield, however it says that it'll be coming back to the US and canada within the second quarter of this year. Either way, it appears that things simply got a little a lot of fascinating for each the mobile recreation house and also the android recreation world.

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