Thursday, 27 March 2014

Nokia FIT: Ring-shape Wearable Phone Concept

Nokia FIT. Hands Free is an innovative idea phone designed by Issam Trabelsi. As a replacement version of hand free device, it simply fits on a finger. Crafted from soft polymer and versatile rubber, the phone is waterproof and has basic functions of talking. Notifications (like incoming phone calls or uninformed text message) are relayed through vibrations.

The whole style will be divided into 3 parts:

part one – green button space wherever speaker and also the call acceptation switch locates

part a pair of – red button space wherever microphone and call cancel switch locates

part three – notification space that has the missed calls and unread messages led indicators; the vibration mechanism is also integrated here.

As alternative hand free device, Nokia FIT. works via Bluetooth. but its finger wearable style can facilitate to avoid exposing ears to the continuous Bluetooth radiations and reduces the excessive use of the hand-phone devices. Moreover, its light-weight, waterproof and nonslippery options build it an anytime companion, even in swimming pool.

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