Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Lenovo's new smart TV

Lenovo is best known for its ThinkPad laptops and freshly acquired phone business, however the Chinese firm started creating TVs some years past, too. And now, it is the initial one to create a collection utilizing NVIDIA's new Tegra K1 chip. It's that super-powered silicon that explains the TV's presence at GTC 2014, thus naturally, known as the killer S9, it is a 50-inch fourK good TV that runs a Lenovo-skinned version of android 4.2 natively, however the important magic happens courtesy of alittle plug-in module around the back known as a sensible Card.

It's roughly the scale of a deck of cards (though half as thick), with a small USB port and microSD slot on one end and a proprietary 70-pin connexion on the opposite. That connector is however it plugs into the TV, whereas the USB and sd ports are for adding storage or connecting peripherals. within the smart Card's comparatively bland exterior lies the aforesaid Tegra K1, and other hardware (currently unknown) required to run android four.4. All Lenovo sensible TVs moving forward can ship with a 70-pin port built in, however only higher-end models can escort smart card hardware. meaning the positive identification could be a approach for Lenovo -- and the other OEM who licenses the technical school -- to stay customers running the latest and greatest computer code and hardware on their TVs.

The smart card comes with a slick motion Bluetooth remote that has a combine of physical buttons: a red power button at the top and a spun metal voice key within the middle, and a circular touchpad settled in a thumb friendly location. Navigation works exploitation gesture control (a la LG's Magic remote) to make picks, whereas swiping left and right on the touchpad scrolls through the menus. And, you alter the degree via touchpad exploitation the Seinfeld/Costanza special: clockwise or counter-clockwise swirl gesture. It's easy and intuitive to use, and the remote's form and soft touch end create it a pleasure to fondle.

Ready to plunk down your hard earned cash for Lenovo's new TV system? Unless you call China home, alas, you don't have the option to do so -- though Lenovo's looking at expanding to other regions should the Chinese market returns supply sufficient incentive to do so. Regardless, for those in the Far East, the Terminator S9 will set you back around 6,000RMB ($970), while the Smart Card costs less than 1,000RMB ($160).

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