Thursday, 6 March 2014

Koenigsegg One:1

They call it the primary power unit automobile as a result of its turbocharged 5-liter V-8 produces 1,000 kilowatts. That's 1,341 in power unit. They named it the One:1, as a result of it's a power-to-weight quantitative relation of 1 horsepower per kilogram.
Swedish carmaker Koenigsegg brought its new One:1 supercar to the Geneva motor vehicle show, demonstrating an incomparable level of engineering. In silver and black, this road legal Agera R relative will build it up to 273 mph.
More extraordinary, Koenigsegg notes that the One:1 will build it to 248 mph, 400 kmh, in mere twenty seconds.

Carbon fiber abounds on the automobile, as well as its use in twin winglets at every fender and also the manifold. however most exceptional are the carbon-fiber wheels, that weigh solely half-dozen,572 grams.
In a shocking nod towards renewable fuels, Koenigsegg designed the One:1 to run on E85 biofuel.
As for evaluation, if you have got to raise... However, Koenigsegg did list choices for the automobile, as well as AN upgraded electronic equipment, a diamond crusty key, and even a custom baggage set, though it is not such whether or not the latter comes in carbon fiber.

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