Wednesday, 5 March 2014

iPhone case will track your blood pressure, temperature

'Wello' iPhone case will track your blood pressure, temperature and a lot of

a new iPhone case guarantees to create monitoring your important signs even easier. referred to as Wello, the case has sensors inbuilt that may offer you an image of your overall health when holding it a special method for simply a number of seconds. The slim device measures your pulse, force per unit area, temperature, and blood element levels and displays the ECG waves from your heart -- you'll be able to even take a look at your respiratory organ perform through alittle enclosed attachment you blow into.

Designed to be each quick and straightforward to use, the prototype we have a tendency to tried out on was ultra-light, and thinner than the Speck case on one of our iPhones. Readings are finished your hands in an exceedingly comfy position, and also the health tracker was able to come our important signs additionally as a flowery ECG graph of our heart in mere a number of seconds. Out of the box, you will be able to combine it along with your Wi-Fi scale and fitness tracker, therefore you'll be able to keep associate overall image of your health within the same place. Over time, extra add-ons may become out there for the case to check for alternative things like glucose. Everything you track is viewed on a daily, weekly, or monthly scale therefore you'll be able to see at a look if your health starts to vary.

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