Wednesday, 26 March 2014

HTC One M8 Hands-On

The past few years have instructed once high-flying mobile phone manufacturers one or 2 things regarding demand. As Samsung rose in android prominence, the remainder of the makers fell one by one. LG? Life’s not good. Motorola? largely moribund. Then there’s HTC.

HTC created quite an splash with its spectacular One last year. The styling, the options, and also the worth were right and also the company allegedly sold over five million units in 2013, though these numbers are estimates. This looks nice till you perceive that Apple sold 33.8 million iPhones within the Sep quarter of 2013 alone.

So yeah, HTC needs a miracle.

We’ll have a full review shortly however let or not it's aforementioned that I’m very impressed by the One M8. It’s a pretty phone, metal clad and meaty, massive and usable while not being a monstrous phablet. The styling is nice, the limited accessories – just like the hole-punched case that enables you to scan the time and caller ID using an ingenious simulated diode system – ar clever, and also the whole package is extremely paying homage to HTC’s bloom of youth once Sense was new and also the android system had not however been plagued by the harmful fish fish that's Samsung.

Can this phone – or any phone – save HTC? I don’t know. The presentation nowadays spoke largely regarding software system options that are already accessible on the android store. The unique Lytro-esque camera is cute, however the remainder of the system, together with Zoe (a ikon sharing app) and Blinkfeed (a new reader), is nothing new and may simply be eclipsed by existent software system.

Where HTC has extremely modified the game, however, is in assurance protection. That’s right: one thing therefore boring then easy really makes this phone stand out. First, you get six months of cracked screen protection. That’s an enormous deal. That we, during this day and age of gorilla Glass and flight cases, are often excited by a guaranty could be a testament to the softness and sameness of the mobile phone market.

So here’s to the Hyundai of mobile, the company with the simplest warranty within the business. Its efforts can provide alternative makers pause, and if you can’t win over the planet to shop for your phones for the options, you'll a minimum of win over them to shop for as a result of they’ll get a free replacement if they drop their devices. It’s the limited things.

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