Thursday, 27 March 2014

Dark Souls II Game Review

The Dark Souls franchise isn’t for everybody. It’s rather morbid. In fact, it's one of the darkest games ever created. After all, it’s a game that revolves all around death. Now, the game’s description may not be the foremost cheerful ever, however those that have played the primary half would definitely vouch for it. principally due to an amazing gameplay and handy graphics. the aim of the sequel, Dark Souls II, then, is to appease the previous fans and conjointly rope within the uninitiated.

Before the game’s unleash, it absolutely was mentioned that the sequel shouldn't be seen as a continuation of the primary edition. However, Dark Souls II is about within the same open world because the predecessor – the land of Drangelic, that is jam-packed with souls that balance out the equation between the undead and humanity. the one player plot revolves around an undead person, who’s going around attempting to seek out a cure to the curse that has been sew together him. the sport unfolds as you collect a lot of souls and meet a lot of cursed characters. during this edition, time also plays a really vital role within the gameplay.

Dark Souls II has an AI system that's simply unpredictable. you can't even take the freedom of assumptive that an enemy can replicate the offensive pattern once you take it on for the second time. And this being a role-playing game, you would like to organize in all forms and in no matter character you choose to play as. however that’s to not say that there’s a large learning curve connected to the sport. Combat moves and use of weapons take solely a trifle quantity of your time to master, whether or not it's basic grappling or swinging around a huge weapon. however failing to remain alert, even once all looks calm, is ruinous.

The graphics are simply stellar, though. With an enormous open world environment, the challenge is to stay each explorable area as made in details because the previous one. And Dark Souls II has succeeded in doing simply that. Plus, the lighting engine is extremely intuitive and dealing aboard a really clear ‘sounds’ information base, it makes certain that the player simply doesn’t every which way bump into a nasty creature while not the maximum amount as a warning.

As mentioned before, Dark Souls II may be a very difficult and attention-grabbing game despite its dark and dour plot. previous timers will certainly lap this up, because the gameplay has been intense. Only, the sport doesn’t extremely do a lot of to ease new players into its glum system.
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