Friday, 28 March 2014

Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS

The latest speakers and audio technology that comes about. Nothing expensive, though, but just in the typical consumer price bracket

Design & Operation
The Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS has all the correct appearance during a good size. 2 volume buttons, one audio port, one USB port, and an LED are wrapped up with a brushed aluminum casing. It’s as durable and tough because it is visually appealing. What a lot of might one ask for?

Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS
With the DacMagic XS comes slightly fabric bag and a short USB cable for power and data. the choice to use a cable, rather than having the DAC plug in sort of a flash drive, could be a sensible one. Not solely will the planning look higher, however the cable itself is swapped for extended or shorter (such because the convenient rover ChargeKey) USB cable, looking on what you wish.

The DacMagic XS provides an easily-discernable volume boost, of about 5 to 7 decibels. but once it comes to crucial the improvement to music audio, that’s wherever it is straightforward, tricky, or somewhere within the middle (which is wherever I am). Musicians ought to be ready to obtain on the variations quickly, however one doesn’t essentially got to be a musician so as to listen to it.

There are ways that to observe on a way to hear the various aspects of music. Having somebody with an honest ear for sound to signifies specifics is maybe the foremost effective thanks to learn.

One will consider such listening to wine drinking; it takes patience, pointers, and observe to be ready to notice the delicate variations then describe it.

The DacMagic XS (and most any DAC for that matter) improves sound by delivering the foremost of what your music already has. It balances levels and brings out a number of the lesser, quieter details that tend to be lost among a bit. Instruments have a lot of elbow room, and also the imaging is clearer and a lot of targeted.

Overall the Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS helps to boost the clarity of music. From the delicate intakes and exhales of a singer’s breath to crisper- and truer-sounding cymbals, you'll be able to hear more of the little details that area unit commonly obscured. The cumulation of of these delicate and not-so-subtle bits greatly raise the music performance.

Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS box
While the DAC brings out the simplest of music, it doesn’t have an effect on every side of a song. Louder and a lot of distinguished instruments area unit typically left intact, though with added richness and more space to breathe.

It’s the quieter elements that get the noticeable boost. though the DacMagic XS will give higher results with accurate music, it still works nice with the standard 44kHz (CD, FLAC, WAV, etc) recordings that almost all folks own.

Using the DacMagic XS with music is like coloring a Marvel magazine page with coloured pencils; the perimeters area unit sharp and also the details well-defined. deduct the DAC, and it’s as if those coloured pencils are replaced with jumbo crayons. Sure, all the colours area unit there and customarily within the right spots, however not while not a bunch of fuzzing outside of the lines.

The Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS is 0.5 the value of most alternative compact DACs on the market straight away. This makes owning it a really straightforward and (relatively) cheap thanks to improve listening experiences with headphones and speakers. whereas some might imagine the DacMagic XS caters to the audiophile crowd, i feel that enthusiasts and casual listeners will relish it too. Having a number of the variations realized makes a world of distinction, and once you go DAC you’ll ne'er return.

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