Thursday, 27 March 2014

3D Printing Pen-3Doodler

If you have ever wished to visualize your doodles in 3 dimensions, you'll be able to currently do exactly that -- provided you fund the Kickstarter page for 3Doodler, the primary ever 3D printing pen.

The toy company WobbleWorks launched the Kickstarter page tuesday for the new "pen," that extrudes skinny strips of plastic onto any surface it touches. even as the popular 3D printer Makerbot Replicator two "prints" fine strips of plastic into planned shapes, the 3Doodler lays similar plastic strips onto a drawing surface. Since the 3Doodler lacks the exactitude of a pc interface, however, drawing with it's going to feel less like "printing" and a little additional like doodling with a hot glue gun.

The Kickstarter page has already received $365,703 in donations, way surpassing WobbleWorks' $30,000 goal. The toy company, supported in 2011 by Maxwell Bogue and Peter Dilworth, has conjointly created "Flap-itz," a line of headbands with ears that move, additionally as a combine of mechanism dinosaurs for "educational use with an recreation worth."

If you would like to shop for a 3Doodler, the Kickstarter page is that the place to start: for a contribution of $75, you get a pen and 2 luggage of plastic printing material. The WobbleWorks couple hopes to eventually mass turn out the pen -- and given the initial staggering demand, it appears the worth may decrease drastically.

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