Thursday, 27 March 2014

3D printergives patient new plastic skull

A Dutch university hospital has with success given a 22-year-old girl a plastic skull, created with the assistance of a 3D printer.

Utrecht University's UMC says the operation may be a world 1st. 

The woman required the operation as a result of her skull was changing into thicker, compressing her brain and damaging its function. Her bone had become 5cm thick, whereas a standard skull is up to around 1.5cm.

Her medical team, led by medical specialist mount Verweij, set to switch her bone with a plastic one, created by a specialist Australian firm. The operation took 23 hours however was an entire success, the hospital says.

‘Implants used to be created by hand within the operating theatre using a kind of cement that was off from ideal,’ Verweij said. ‘Using 3D printing we are able to build one to the exact size. This not solely has nice cosmetic blessings, however patients’ brain perform typically recovers higher than using the recent methodology.’

The procedure befell 3 months past however the lady has currently gone back to figure and is symptom free, Verweij aforesaid.

The hospital says the technique will be used with patients who have other bone issues or to assist recovery when individuals have suffered serious skull injuries.

Other hospitals have placed os implants with success in patients however this can be the primary time an entire bone has been replaced, the surgeon aforesaid.

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