Tuesday, 4 March 2014

3D Games for Smartphones and Tablets

The whole mobile market and play trade is booming with new technologies, able to be tried. Even the tablets and smartphones obtainable within the market, today, area unit all organized with potent hardware setups so the devices area unit compatible for all wants of today’s generation. However, although we regularly shed hefty quantity of cash to urge our hands on these innovative mobile devices, it’s seldom that these innovative devices area unit pushed to its full capability. Gone area unit the times, once our smartphones, would suspend once loaded with powerful mobile games. The technologies in today’s pricey smartphones are updated so the user will relish their device, with none quite hitch.

One should settle for the recognition of mobile games among its users. With the 3D technology being an enormous hit, it's however solely natural that users need their smartphones to be loaded with such high finish games. Trust the ability of your smartphone and cargo them with 3D games, obtainable within the market. Now, let’s scrutinize 5 best 3D games for Smartphones and Tablets that have hyper realistic graphics and conjointly, extremely attention-grabbing to play too.


So, its 2014, the year of the football World Cup and in no time, the craziness around the game will be everywhere. Coming June 12, 2014, when the actual battle for superiority in the soccer field will start, the madness will hit new heights. So, if you are warming up for this incredible specter, up in June, we suggest you download FIFA 14 to get yourself a taste of the adrenal rush you are going to experience. This game features a power pact 33 leagues (including La Liga, English Premier League and German Bundesliga among others), with 600 teams, played across 34 stadiums and with a mammoth battalion of 16,000 and more players.

It allows you to choose the playing style of players or teams, their formations in the field and even the playing kits. Also, coins can be earned by competing in tournaments and thus, players can be bought. The game is too easy to play with controls like tapping on players to create passes, a right or left swipe for shooting, and a prolong press to allow the player to keep possession and move ahead.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

It's a driving game in which mech mayhem can be won as a reward. There are more than 150 events in the Career mode, where one can earn points by knocking out opponents or performing different stunts like wild 360⁰ jumps or barrel rolls. One can choose between 47 sets of high-octane wheels like Bugattis, Lamborghinis or Ferraris and drive in different locales like Nevada Desert, Iceland or Venice. The game is easy to play with just tilting the smartphone or tablet will help to stir the car. Along the way, you have to collect nitro as you finish at the podium.

Blade Slinger

This is basically a hack and slash game, where the player plays as William Glaston of Hammers Peak, returning home from war. On returning, he finds his native state destroyed by monsters and therefore, he has to smash the evil zombies with a blade. On swiping the touch screen the blade is moved accordingly. There is also Bladeslinger which allows punching, dodging or shooting. William Glaston just has to survive the levels, as the game progresses.

Real Racing 3

This is a dream game made for those crazy for racing games. It features many officially-licensed tracks like Hockenheimring and Silverstone and more than 50 cars from reputed car makers like Audi, Dodge, Porsche and Bugatti. One starts as a rookie and along one has to win races by negotiating corners, braking at sweet spots, manage drift and drag, and continuously upgrading the car. The interesting part is that one can race against friends, even those who are offline through RR3 features.

Dead Trigger 2

This game is a hit as guns meet zombies here. One has to kill zombies win better weapons save the world. In this game, the player operates in 15 eerie environments, over 150 gameplays and across 3 regions. The game is constantly being updated, making the game bigger and more interesting.

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