Thursday, 13 February 2014

Wren Bluetooth Speaker

The Wren V5BT Bluetooth speaker provides full sound in a lovely package. This assessment comes despite a caveat from the manufacturers that their AirPlay and Play-Fi models square measure superior.

So why select Bluetooth? To avoid any buyers' self-reproach to be incurred with a switch from iOS to golem or contrariwise. Either way, the V5BT can serve handsomely.

At more or less vi x four.25 x 16.5 inches, the Wren V5BT is svelte enough to slide into a decent-sized nook or cranny on a desktop or shelf. it will work seamlessly, too, as it's created with a bamboo or rosewood casing and is deliciously falciform.

The speaker, that prices $399, is not significantly transportable given its size and weight (about vi 1/2 pounds), however will still be emotional from space to space simply. The wood veneer is offset by retro silver plastic border and an identical grill.

V5BT’s power button is lit white, and it turns to orange in standby. Another light-weight flashes to point volume changes; 2 a lot of lights indicate whether or not it's in Bluetooth or wired mode. Pairing is as easy as pushing the "setup" button and linking via device. there's no remote, however, therefore volume is adjusted with the paired device or by the buttons on the speaker.

Sound-wise, the speaker triumphs. The 50-watt V5BT delivers CD-quality music once connected to Associate in Nursing iOS device — this despite the warning that non-CSR aptX-enabled devices are not attending to sound pretty much as good as once connected to Associate in Nursing enabled device (Motorola, HTC, Samsung, e.g.s).

Bass is powerful while not being resistless, and highs and mids square measure clear even at higher volumes — loud enough to fill an oversized space. As a bonus, there square measure inputs for charging USB-powered devices in addition as for analog input.

Ultimately, the Wren serves its purpose like the traditional loudspeaker it's patterned after.

The Good

Clear sound, hefty bass

Easy to connect

Beautiful chassis

The Bad

Device buttons support volume, but not skipping or rewinding tracks



Bottom Line: The V5BT is an all-in-one Bluetooth speaker that sounds as good as it looks.

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