Thursday, 13 February 2014

Weather App Dark Sky

Dark Sky, the Kickstarter-funded weather app that specialize in hyperlocal predictions, is obtaining a significant update.

Forecast, the freelance weather service that powers Dark Sky, undraped the fully redesigned iOS app Monday.

The update adds extended forecasts and interactive weather maps to its latest breakdowns of the weather around you.

Completely rewritten from scratch, it sets aside the restrictions of the online to become the weather app we’ve perpetually needed — and perpetually needed to make

It’s the fruits of over 2 years of labor in deciding approach to|a way to} show and organize weather knowledge the proper way

The biggest modification is that the addition of extended forecasts. whereas the previous version targeted on the immediate outlook, with data particularisation the climatic conditions for a 12-hour window, the newest version provides elaborate next-day and seven-day forecasts.

"In learning however individuals use weather apps (ours and others), it’s become clear that following twenty four hours is vastly necessary,

The newest version of the app conjointly options new interactive weather maps, which permit users to look at international weather patterns in time period. you'll be able to conjointly toggle the animated maps to indicate expected weather patterns as way as every week sooner than time.

Dark Sky initial launched in 2012 because the results of a in Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly $40,000. It gained quality attributable to its very precise short predictions and hyper-local focus.

The app is $3.99 and on the market within the App Store. tho' AN automaton app was originally planned, it's like automaton users could, sadly, be out of luck.

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