Thursday, 27 February 2014

Water Resistant Smartphone maker machine

Your phone goes to may get wet sooner later. And not each phone are going to be designed to resist the weather like, say, the just-announced water-ready Sony Z2 or Samsung Galaxy S5.

For the remainder folks, a little water suggests that a broken phone. however DryWired will facilitate.

The company’s Nebula systems apply a skinny level of nanocoating (thinner than a hair, in fact) to phones, serving to to seal them off and higher defend them from splashes.

Stick your phone into what style of appears like associate industrial washer, and it'll spray the things on your iPhone — or the other phone you’re trying to safeguard.

I took a glance at associate iPhone that had been doused with the nanocoating, and it’s extremely not detectable. The phone appearance an equivalent because it did before it went in, and it still works sort of a charm.

Of course, confine mind that this makes the devices water-resistant, not waterproof. So, yeah, don’t get assertive and jump into a pool once a spherical with the Nebula. however if you get caught in an exceedingly torrent, the technology will healing.

How much would you buy such piece of mind? If you answered $50,000, well, good news, that’s the start line for these machines. Of course, DryWired’s not expecting you to pay that every one yourself.

So walk into a Best purchase, get a replacement coat for your phone, and walk out able to conquer the planet — well, the 25 % that isn’t already lined in water, that is.

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