Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wacom Ink Layer Language system for drawing on the screens of phones, tablets, laptops, or any digital device.

WILL, or Wacom Ink Layer Language:-  on last Wednesday specialists from the digital art devices made an important announcement to create a standard language for drawing on the screens of phones, tablets, laptops, or any digital devices.

WILL language will be capable of recording brush strokes in a consistent format regardless of how they were drawn, whether it was by a stylus, digital pen, or a good old-fashioned finger.

Wacom has also created an SDK (software development kit) and API (application programming interface)

Which will permit to draw on the screen of any device. Quite similar to the feature offered in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with  S Pen stylus.

WILL will also offer Different kinds of graphical tools and features that will be available across different devices and platforms.And will work outside of drawing apps too, 

so Now you can scrawl notes, doodle pictures in other apps -- for example drawing directions on maps in the map app on your device.

Beneath the screen, WILL adds metadata to your scribblings. That can include security certificates or useful data for collaboration.

Wacom is the first choice for digital artists and graphic pros for graphics tablets and smart pens, led by the professional Cintiq -- basically a monitor that you draw on. Wacom more recently went mobile with the Cintiq Companion, a Windows 8 or Android tablet on the screen of which you can draw and write.

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