Sunday, 2 February 2014

US Army Driverless trucks on duty

Recent tests, says Lockheed Martin, show that totally autonomous convoys will safely navigate road intersections, oncoming traffic, stalled and spending vehicles, and pedestrians.

Google might have the known driverless vehicles, however the United States Army for certain has the most important.
Defense business heavyweight Lockheed Martin aforementioned weekday that testing has committed on a series of advanced tests within the Autonomous quality Appliqué System (AMAS) program for the United States Army and America Marine Corps. The testing, Lockheed aforementioned, showed that totally autonomous convoys will operate in urban environments and with a mix of car sorts.

What challenges did these driverless vehicles face? The trucks had to navigate road intersections, oncoming traffic, stalled and spending vehicles, pedestrians, and traffic circles in check areas each rural and, with less margin for error, urban.

Somewhat just like the makeshift systems seen on the primary generation of robotized cars, the AMAS program for the Pentagon's ground troops uses standard-issue vehicles outfitted with a kit of substances together with a superior measuring device device and a second GPS receiver, fastened and loaded with a spread of algorithms. That gear, Lockheed aforementioned, might be used on just about any vehicle, however in these tests was mounted to the Army's M915 tractor-trailer trucks and to Palletized Loading System vehicles. (The icon higher than shows a try of PLS road warriors followed by associate M915.)
AMAS-equipped vehicles will still be operated manually by human drivers, and therefore the sensing and control operation in an exceedingly truck in self-driving mode ought to alert its occupants to safety threats.

Consumers and businesses cannot leave and obtain robo-cars simply nonetheless, however the age of driverless rides is almost upon America. Google has been front and center within the effort to integrate robo-cars into real-world environments, and a spread of automakers, from Nissan and Lexus to Audi and gram, are going in on the sport.

Meanwhile, a couple of states -- CA, Nevada, and Florida -- have created it legal to check driverless cars on public roads. the most recent spherical of AMAS testing, though, transpire earlier this month within the wide open, and far less public, surroundings of Fort Hood, Texas.

Convoys square measure commonplace arrangements for military vehicles, of course, however analysis shows that similar platooning of civilian vehicles may save fuel, work a lot of cars on the road, and even improve road safety.
"The AMAS CAD hardware and code performed precisely as designed, and dealt with success with all of the real-world obstacles that a real-world convoy would encounter," David Simon, AMAS program manager for Lockheed Martin Missiles and readying, aforementioned in an exceedingly statement. (In this case, CAD refers to the Capabilities Advancement Demonstration portion of the AMAS program, to not CAD.)
The development associated testing of the AMAS platform stems from an $11 million contract that Lockheed Martin received from the Department of Defense in Oct 2012.

AMAS algorithms are wont to management the company's Squad Mission web, a a lot of distinctive and fewer typical six-wheeled unmanned ground vehicle that has been utilized by troopers in Afghanistan.

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