Monday, 3 February 2014

The most effective Android security apps


Looking for a reliable security app for your mechanical man device? take a look at recently tried thirty totally different apps, award several of them smart grades.

The Jan 2014 report lists all the apps enclosed within the analysis.

Score out of 6

The following scored 6 out of 6 for both protection and usability: 

Avira's Free Android Security 3.0; 

Bitdefender's Mobile Security 2.6; 

G Data's Internet Security 25.0; 

Kingsoft's Mobile Security 3.3; 

KSMobile's Clean Master 4.0; 

KSMobile's CM Security 1.0; 

McAfee's Mobile Security 3.1; 

Qihoo's 360 Mobile Security 1.5; 

Trend Micro's Mobile Security 3.5; and 

TrustGo's Mobile Security 1.3. 

Drilling down on anybody app reveals more details, as well as the standards AV-Test wont to gauge protection and value. A options section conjointly tells you {which ones} necessary safety features area unit within the app and which ones area unit missing. A convenient link to Google Play permits you to transfer the apps.
So which of them scored the best grades?

The apps from G knowledge and Trend small conjointly offered all of the necessary safety features except 2.

But does one would like security code on your mechanical man device? that is been associate degree in progress discussion.

The security vendors actually suppose you would like protection. However, Google et al. have argued against the requirement, claiming that the vendors are attempting to collect business for his or her merchandise.

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