Monday, 3 February 2014

Survive The Switch from iPhone to Android


Although there is growing proof that Apple can introduce larger iPhones someday this year, i am keeping the promise I created last year. i would like and wish a phone with a bigger screen -- currently, not later -- and on behalf of me, meaning associate golem model. (No offense, Windows Phone fans: I merely loathe the hardware and particularly loathe the OS.)

After lots of testing and investigation, i made a decision the clear decide was the Republic Wireless Moto X, a steal at $299 for the phone and simply $25 monthly for unlimited 3G service. (I will raise to 4G if i need, however the reality is I seldom would like that sort of speed.)
The real challenge lies in change to golem once nearly 5 years of exploitation associate iPhone. tho' basically similar (it's all simply apps and icons), the 2 operative systems vary greatly in some ways. and that i found the transition pretty jarring -- till I created a number of key changes. Here's however any long-time iOS user will build golem to a small degree additional welcoming:

1. Ditch the Gmail app

I believe 3 Gmail accounts, and therefore the latest version of iOS Mail handled them quite nicely. however Google's native Gmail app? Wow. Blech. Awful. No, thank you.
I'm certain it's fine if you are wont to it, however no unified inbox could be a deal-breaker. And what is with all those willy-nilly coloured boxes aboard every message? nearly none of my contacts have photos related to their accounts, thus I simply see a confusing (and space-hogging) smorgasbord of colours.
I confirmed lots of e-mail app alternatives, however there is only 1 that gets ME near what i am used to: K-9 Mail. It affords tons additional customization choices than the Gmail app and offers a unified inbox. once tweaking numerous layout settings, I got K-9 Mail trying lots like iOS Mail, as you'll see at right.

2. Shift your home screen to the left
By default, Android's home screen is within the center of 5 on the market pages. To my iOS-wired brain, this makes no sense: Home starts at the left. luckily, there isn't any law that says you have got to stick to Android's approach of doing things.
So, as I started filling my Moto X with my favorite apps, I organized them specifically as they were on my iPhone: Most-used apps at the far-left page, second-most-used apps on the second page, and so on. Thankfully, this version of golem employs folders similar to iOS, thus i do not got to unfolded too way.
The only wrinkle is that if I faucet the house icon whereas viewing my apps, it zooms ME thereto center screen. however I will tolerate that.

3. Migrate your contacts and calendar with ease
Moving from iOS to golem suggests that breaking with iCloud, that is wherever most iOS users store (or a minimum of back up) their knowledge. luckily, Motorola recently updated its Motorola Migrate tool to incorporate iOS support.
That means if you are moving to a Moto X, Moto G, Droid immoderate, Droid Maxx, or Droid mini, you'll simply transfer the info from your Contacts and Calendar apps (to Android's individuals and Calendar apps, respectively).

All you are doing is install the app on your Motorola phone, permit it to sign into your iCloud account, then wait whereas it migrates your knowledge. I used it on my contacts and therefore the method worked seamlessly.
If you are not taking possession Motorola's direction, examine Jason Cipriani's guide to creating the amendment from iPhone to golem, that details additional universal data-migration choices (and covers lots additional ground, as well as moving your music and photos).
SMS Popup adds iOS-style message notifications to golem.
SMS Popup adds iOS-style message notifications to golem.

4. Add pop-up notifications for text messages
One issue I notice extremely annoying regarding golem (at least the version I have) is that the approach it handles text-message notifications -- or, rather, does not handle them. Where's the pop-up window that shows my new message? On the Moto X, all I see could be a very little notification icon (which tends to urge lost among all the opposite notification icons).

The aptly named SMS Popup lends Android a more iOS-like notification system: New messages appear in a pop-up window, where you can not only read them at a glance, but also reply.
Just make sure you turn off notifications for the stock Messages app, which you can do by running it, then tapping Menu > Settings and unchecking the Notifications box.
And within the settings for SMS Popup you can tweak all kinds of options, including the alert sounds that play for specific contacts and the icon that appears in the notification area. Great little app -- and it's free.

5. provides it a complete iPhone makeover

Espier Launcher seven will a reasonably smart iOS impression, particularly if you trick it out with all the extras.Espier Launcher seven will a reasonably smart iOS impression, particularly if you trick it out with all the extras.

If you simply cannot consider humanoid, well, perhaps you do not ought to. Espier Launcher seven will a motivating job of modding humanoid to appear and act lots like iOS seven.
The first time you run it, you will see AN embedded "app guide" that shows you add-ons you'll be able to grab to form for a fair a lot of complete makeover. Espier Notifications seven, for instance, offers you AN iOS-style standing bar, whereas Screen Locker seven transforms the lock screen. In different words, you'll be able to take a piecemeal approach to iPhone-ing your humanoid phone.
My favorite element: the addition of badges to the Messages app (among others) therefore you recognize what percentage uninformed text messages square measure expecting you. there is even inbuilt search after you swipe down on any app screen, rather like in iOS.

By the way, it's not immediately obvious how to uninstall Espier Launcher if you decide you don't like it. Just tap Settings > Apps > Espier Launcher 7, and then tap Uninstall.
So there you have it, fellow iPhone expatriates. Hopefully this will help you survive the transition to Android. And, hey, if it doesn't work out, you can always go back when the iPhone 6 arrives later this year. That's the beauty of a no-contract phone like this one: there's no contract.

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